Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall Trailer Unleashes Daud

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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Bethesda has released a gameplay trailer for Dishonored's upcoming DLC The Knife of Dunwall. The two minutes of gameplay footage give us a clear sense of Daud's capabilities.

In the main campaign, Daud is a villain. He and his gang of assassins, the Whalers, kill Empress Jessamine and leave Corvo to take the fall for the crime. The DLC paints Daud in a more sympathetic light. The DLC follows him as he seeks redemption for his crimes.

Daud, like Corvo, is handy with a blade and has an array of gadgets and magical powers at his disposal. However, Daud wields several new items including electric mines and a wrist-mounted bow. He can stun enemies with a gas cloud, summon his assassin underlings, and even block bullets with his swords. Maybe that'll be enough to make Dishonored feel new again.

Knife of Dunwall, priced at $10, will hit the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on April 16th. You can see more of the content on the 15th, as Bethesda shows the game off on a Twitch.TV streaming event. The stream will begin at 1:30 pm.

Bethesda will follow up Knife with a second story-based DLC pack, The Brigmore Witches. Witches is said to conclude Daud's story.
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