The Giant Bomb staff is setting up their offices in New York. Given that they're wholly community oriented (and one of the reasons they're still in existence) they gave their audience an inside look at how the process of setting up the new studio was coming along.

We join Vinny Caravella and Alex Navarro on a short journey through building a “beast”... or rather, building up the Giant Bomb outlet over on the east coast.

The video is a lot of stuff you may or may not care about if you're into the whole digs of media production, but the thing that instantly and awesomely stood out to me, as a viewer, was the little hobbyist video game outlet tucked away behind the congested concrete traffic formed by the sky-reaching aesthetics in downtown Manhattan.

The name of the shop? Videogames New York... or VideogamesNewYork... or Video Games New York? The banner makes it a little hard to tell when they take a quick shot of it in the video, but a quick Google search (thank you Google) reveals that it's Video Games New York and they even have their own website.

So what makes this shop any different from your typical GameStops or Electronic Boutiques? Well, first of all, this place has everything! Well, technically, maybe not everything... but it has a ton of stuff you probably didn't even think existed in the world of gaming.

But before getting into the nitty gritty of Video Games New York, let's first discus why the Giant Bomb duo even went there: they needed game consoles. The two media personalities traveled across town to the little shop in search of an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4, but they found a heck of a lot more than they bargained for when they ended up at the little shop on E 6th street.

The shop runner looked like he was barely out of puberty but seemed to have a very strong grasp on the market, gaming hardware and consumer buying trends. One of the most surprising things was what was one of the best selling retro products they had in stock happened to be Nintendo gear.

Dan (not so sure about the last name), told the Giant Bomb crew that...
“Right now, the Nintendo 64 is the most popular system.”... “that's what's moving out here. Two or three years ago it was all Super Nintendo – you just see it all transition. But a lot of it has to do with coming of age. [For] these kids, their first system was the 64.”

Interestingly, Dan mentions that Nintendo has the largest marketshare in America when it comes to generational saturation (makes sense), so quite naturally there's still a strong pull toward the nostalgic value of the Big 'N's properties from hobbyist shops like Video Games New York.

What's more is that Dan and the crew repairs new and old consoles, and have a stockpile of some pretty rare stuff, including a first iteration PlayStation 3 home console with an authentic Hideo Kojima signature on it. When Kojima gets old and dies that thing will be worth a million bucks.

They also had a rare Nintendo DS with a signed autograph on it from Mr. Nintendo himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. Pretty cool, eh?


Eventually the dynamic duo from GB had to part ways with Dan from the greatest gaming store on the planet! But they left with bags full of goodies, including an Xbox One, an extra controller, a PlayStation 4 and a Retron 5, that new home console that can play up to five different types of older cartridge-based games, which is pretty awesome.

You can check out the rest of the video series over on Giant Bomb. If you have to be in the Manhattan area, you'll probably want to check out Video Games New York on E 6th St. If you can't get to New York (or you're just not down with the smell), you can still check out all the cool stuff the shop has to offer by paying a kind visit to their Official Website.

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