Happy Wars Gets More Customization Options With New Update

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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The problem with most war games is that they’re so dark, gritty and serious. What ever happened to joy on the battlefield? Thankfully, games like Happy Wars for Xbox Live Arcade exist and, according to developer Toylogic, a brand-spanking-new “major update” is ready to make this festive fragfest all the more enjoyable.

For those who haven’t checked out Happy Wars on XBLA, there should be literally nothing holding you back. It’s a free-to-play large-scale multiplayer battle game for up to 30 players, making castle sieges, hurling spells and clobber armor-clad dudes an absolute delight.

As if all of that free warfare wasn’t enough, it looks like Toylogic is set to give Happy Wars players even more to be happy about with a new update, coming at the perfect time to celebrate the game passing the two million player mark.

“I’m so excited that more than two million people love Happy Wars,” said Game Director Yoichi Take. “I hope all of our players enjoy this update, like Special Match. We always continue to make improvements on improvement to have millions of Happy Wars fans be happy. We’d like to continue to deliver additional updates in the future.”

This fourth big update to Happy Wars includes a few enhancements, beginning with a Special Match Mode that will allow players to hit the battlefield under special rules and conditions. Players will also be able to enhance their items more than ever with a level cap moved from 10 to 15. Finally, classes now have three slots apiece, meaning players have even more customization options when getting their fighters ready for battle.
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