Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament DLC Arriving This Week

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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Sleeping Dogs will receive a new DLC pack called "Zodiac Tournament" on December 18th. This new add-on, accessible at anytime during the game, will test players hand-to-hand combat skills.

The titular Tournament is a martial arts competition set on an offshore island. Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen somehow wrangles an invite to the tournament. He'll have to take on some of the world's best fighters.

In each match, Wei will have to defeat a series of anonymous henchmen. Once they're dispatched, he'll fight another tournament contestant. If Wei emerges victorious, he'll earn a new finishing move.

The screenshots from Zodiac Tournament are below. The images show the content draws inspiration from classic kung fu movies. It should be an enjoyable adventure if you're a fan of Enter the Dragon and movies like that.
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