Speaking like a true gamer who understands his audience, Sony's vice president of publisher and developer relations, Adam Boyes, has gone on record of making it known that the reason so many people are behind team Sony during this eighth gen of gaming is because Sony put gamers first and foremost beyond anything else, and Microsoft didn't.

Dan “Shoe” Hsu managed to interview Boyes over on Venturebeat [via DS] and Boyes dropped marketing pimp-slap on Singham pimp-slapping thugs, saying...
“We’ve been focused from day one on gamers and the best video game content for games. I think [Microsoft has] been focused on a broader reach. PS4 put gamers first from the start. We learned our lesson on PS3, when we went a bit broader. Now we’re back to the basics of making the best console with the highest performance humanly possible.”

Fanboys can be angry about Boyes dropping truth bombs, but it's the truth. Take that butthurt and reverse it around because all the Xbox fanboys still supporting Microsoft need to recognize that they don't care about you. What did they have to sell you on May 21st? Oh right, they had to sell you this...

Not only that, but Microsoft then tried forcing this to happen...

And what did Sony have to sell you? It certainly wasn't TV and sports. They came swinging out the gate and gave you this...

Even though throughout the marketing campaign leading up to the PS4's launch Sony has had to constantly reaffirm that you can still buy and sell used games, Microsoft has spent their time constantly trying to convince people that the Xbox One isn't just a set top box for watching TV on your TV.

Boyes also makes it known that they have media services in tow with the PlayStation 4's offerings, but he reiterates that it really is about the games, which is why Sony abandoned using turd-architecture like the PS3 and went with something easy, where-as Microsoft decided to adopt the PS3's turd-architecture and implement eSRAM that creates situations like this...
“No, we’ve talked about it. At E3, we talked about the stuff we’re doing with Sony Pictures. We’ve recently announced all the great video services we’re going to have online. So that’s absolutely part of it.

“But primarily the focus is to have amazing game content. That’s why we put so much focus on putting in the GDDR5 [graphics memory], putting in a great GPU [graphics processing unit], being able to push as many pixels as possible — to deliver all that. I think we’ve built a really great ecosystem [with second-screen functionality with the PS Vita and companion apps, and with social sharing] that continues to extend that core gaming experience.“

See, it's good to be a gamer... on the PlayStation 4. There's a bevy line-up of indie, mid-budget and AAA games on the horizone for the PlayStation 4. I don't know what's in store for Xbox One owners outside of Titanfall... maybe Kinect Hair Salon or Kinect Nail Painting 3.0? You'll probably have Madden's Kinect Cleats Cleaner to look to forward to. For sure we can at least expect Kinect: Bricked Out The Box sometime in the future.




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