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BBC Uses Halo UNSC Logo In News Report By Mistake
While doing some crack-reporting on a big issue regarding the Syrian security issue and UN relations, the BBC managed to misplace the official United Nations symbol with Halo's United Nations Space Command logo. Epic free advertising win.
Pirate Bay Officially Blocked In The UK
If you've been using the Pirate Bay to get things like games, movies, music, or even patches to play your games in "offline mode", you're fresh out of luck, kids. The Pirate Bay has officially been blocked by internet service providers in the United Kingdom.
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Coming To PS3, PC, PS Vita
Today BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games announced the first in a series of Doctor Who console games. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will arrive on the PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PC in early 2012.
Illegal Video Game Downloads Increase By 20%
Apparently the mentality of download-first and (maybe or maybe not) buy-later is spreading worse than a venereal disease at a celebrity retirement home. A new report from the BBC suggests that illegal video game downloading has increased by 20%.
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