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There Was A Huge Pokemon Go Bar Crawl During Comic Con
Yes, the headline reads right. A Pokemon Go bar crawl took place at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. You probably thought it was a "bar brawl" at first, but no. Things were civil and pleasant and a bunch of Pokemon Go fans got to meet up in real life.
Pokemon Go Has Gotten Two More People Arrested, Get The Details
Playing Pokemon Go has proven to be a rather interesting affair for some individuals, including those who mistakenly end up in another country while playing the game. If that seems totally bizarre, it's not. Two teens managed to get arrested for their cross-country exploits.
The Los Angeles Zoo Is Hosting Its Own PokeWeek, Get The Details
It's no surprise that most of the country has Pokemon Go Fever, and that includes businesses that have no relation to gaming whatsoever. We've reported on pizzerias taking advantage of the game as well as humane societies using it for a good cause, but now the LA Zoo is jumping on the bandwagon to get their community involved.
This Pokemon Go Case Might Make It Easier To Catch Pokemon
Having trouble keeping your throws accurate in Pokemon Go? Well, one rather clever chap has come up with a solution that might actually make bad Pokeball throws a thing of the past, and it takes the form of a rather spiffy iPhone case.
Pokemon Go Can Make The World A Better Place, According To The Developer
Pokemon Go has been called both a nuisance to society and a savior for those looking for an escape from the real world. But the developer, Niantic Labs, has come forward to say what they hope people get out of the insanely-popular Pokemon game.
Why Pokemon Go Players Should Go To GameStop This Weekend
While the summer has proven to be GameStop's slower season in video games, Pokemon Go has given the store a reason to open its doors and welcome customers, and this weekend, GameStop wants you to go to your local store.
How Zipcar Is Helping Pokemon Go Players
Pokemon Go players who need to get around town but don't want to risk driving while playing have run into a bit of a problem. They don't want to risk getting into accidents but they also want to catch Pokemon. There may be an answer to their problems: Zipcar.
What It Takes To Catch Every Pokemon In Pokemon Go, According To The First User Who Caught Them All
One diligent Pokemon Go player has managed to catch them all, just like the cartoon's theme song implores all good Pokemon trainers to do. It wasn't easy and it takes a lot to accomplish the task.
A Dating Service Has Launched For Pokemon Go Players
Given the undeniable popularity of Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go, it's not surprising to learn that some businesses are trying to get in on the popularity of the app by attuning some social qualities to players of the game; such as opening up a dating service for Pokemon Go players.
People Are Selling Their Pokemon Go Accounts For A Ton Of Money
A lot of people are auctioning off their Pokemon Go accounts on eBay for fairly high prices, some of which are going for $900. However, many of these accounts have no bids and no offers, but that hasn't stopped wishful Pokemon Go players from hoping for the best.
A Pokemon Go Player Actually Crashed Into A Police Car While Playing
Many people have been complaining that Pokemon Go causes people to be overly distracted, putting both their lives and others in danger. But this video, tweeted by the Baltimore Police, shows what happens when a Pokemon Go player becomes too distracted.
Pregnant Pokemon Go Player Intentionally Run Over, Get The Details
While out and about playing Pokemon Go with her friends, an 18-year-old from Gladestone, Missouri was struck by a van. She claims that the van intentionally tried to run her over. The worst part about it is that she was pregnant.
Why Story Is Especially Important In Today’s Video Games
Growing up in a video gaming family, we were all drawn to a certain type of video game, and we were probably biased because my sister and I just played whatever my Dad bought or rented. But we knew we had a type. We loved the games with a story, but back then the storytelling was different than it is today. Today, storytelling in video gaming is so incredibly important to the success of the game.
What Are Pokemon Go Nests And How Can You Use Them To Find A Ton Of Pokemon?
There's been some users who have done extensive research into Pokemon Go, from designing highly-detailed guides to using the game to mapping out how you can find every single Pokemon. But one user has started to put together what he's called Pokemon Go "nests" and it could really help you capture a ton of Pokemon.
A Harry Potter Version Of Pokemon Go? People Are Trying To Make It Happen
Pokemon Go has created a cultural phenomenon across the world with its augmented reality gameplay, but now a different kind of fanbase is asking for the AR treatment. Harry Potter fans have put together a petition asking for a Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go.
Hacker Group Claims Credit For Attacking Pokemon Go, Get The Details
A group called OurMine has claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks levied at Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go servers. The attacks caused minor outages in some areas but has been restored for most gamers over the weekend.
How Pokemon Go Is Helping To Sell Houses
The advertising market is really taking a liking to Pokemon Go. The app from Niantic Labs and Nintendo's own Pokemon Company has managed to find its way to real estate listings, and some people are using Pokemon Go to help sell houses.
This Baby Stroller Was Designed For The Pokemon Go Player
If you play Pokemon Go and also happen to have a baby or, say, a tiny dog that you can't stand the thought of making actually walk on its own, then we've got a spiffy new stroller you might want to take a gander at.
One Man Shot At Pokemon Go Players, Get The Details
A 37-year-old man in Florida saw teens in a car outside of his home at 1:30am and decided to go out and investigate. The man thought the kids were up to no good and whipped out his gun, only the kids were out collecting Pokemon in Pokemon Go.
Here’s How To Choose What Your Evee Evolves Into In Pokemon Go
For the longest time, many believed that the only way to evolve Evee was to do it randomly without any control over what form Evee evolved into of the three: Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon. But now it appears there's a hack to actually choose what your Evee evolves into and we tested out the theory to see if it works.
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