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By Josh Tyler 2009-12-10 00:55:18discussion comments
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Iím seeing Avatar tomorrow. In preparation Iím trying to forget all of the movies Iíve seen that seem an awful lot like it. So for the next twenty-four hours Iím going to pretend Iíve never seen Quigley Down Under, Dances with Wolves, or even Battle for Terra. Iím determined to put on my 3D glasses and give it a fair shake.

In place of those movies Iím filling my head with the following Avatar clips. Some of them are new, some of them are longer versions of clips youíve already seen. Theyíre all colorful and full of CGI. I still say the human scenes look best. Take a look at all six Avatar clips below and prepare to turn your brain over the loving caress of James Cameronís wholly original film.

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