Batmanís Suits: Grading The Caped Crusaderís 8 Different Costumes

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Batmanís Suits: Grading The Caped Crusaderís 8 Different Costumes image
The suit makes the man. And when it comes to the Caped Crusader, the Bat suit definitely makes the Batman.

Five different actors have donned the Bat suit on the big screen over the years, from Michael Keaton in 1989 to Ben Affleck, whom we saw in the suit for the first time today.

How has the Bat suit evolved over the years? How did we get to this new design, which will be part of Zack Snyderís hotly anticipated Batman vs. Superman? And who wore the suit best? Letís run through a visual gallery of the big-screen Batman suit through the years, commenting on their designs and figuring out where Ben Affleckís new Bat suit fits in the dark-and-brooding legacy.

Batman (1989)
Itís so hard going first. Tim Burton had years of Batman comic books to pull from, and the realistic design of the Adam West Batman television show Ė which relied more on tights and capes than the military design that would inform Batman for years to come on screen. It always appeared to me that Michael Keaton was wearing a refrigerator box instead of a superhero suit. His Batman lacked mobility, and marched through multiple scenes with the agility of Dr. Frankensteinís monster. Fans were so excited to finally see Batman on the big screen in 1989Ö but there was room for improvement.

Grade: B-
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