Brick Tamland Wants More Anchorman

By Josh Tyler 2008-06-06 01:53:56discussion comments
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Itís starting to look like Anchorman 2 is really happening. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have been talking about it, and now the news teamís weatherman Brick Tamland, Sir Steve Carell (come on, he deserves knighthood) is too.

When asked by MTV if heíd be up for sticking a triton into a Legend of Ron Burgundy sequel, Steve said: ďOh absolutely, yeah in a second. That was one of the most fun things I ever did.Ē

Itís a little quote, but his willingness to do it is actually rather important when it comes to the whole Anchorman 2 equation. One of director Adam McKayís chief concerns when he talked about doing it early last month was that the might not be able to get the entire cast back, since many of them, Carell especially, have since taken off in massive solo careers. If Steveís open to doing it, thatís sure going to make putting the whole thing back together easier. News team assemble!

Watch Carellís full interview with MTV below:

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