Bruce Willis Makes Expendables Cast Rule Even More

By Tim Gomez 2009-08-19 03:03:14discussion comments
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Bruce Willis Makes Expendables Cast Rule Even More image
Oh my lord, my head just exploded. As if Sylvester Stalloneís The Expendable didnít already sound awesome to begin with. I mean, Slyís got Mickey Rourke on board, Jason Statham, Jet Li. Heís playing a part himself. He even somehow got the good old Governor of the place I call home to come back to action movies and shooting some dudes (thank the lord for that too, anything thatíll get him away from his desk).

Now MTV is confirming the rumor that Bruce Willis will be rounding out the cast of the movie, about a group of mercenaries that set out to take down a foreign dictator. Iím not always the most patriotic person in the world (by ďnot always,Ē I mean never), but this movie is uniquely American, and I will definitely be bringing my flag and constitution-approved weapon to the theatre (kidding, security).

It sounds as though the roles for Sly, Arnold, and Bruno will be small, perhaps only a short fan-service cameo where everyone in the theatre will get to cheer for 30 seconds. Thatís more than enough for me though. Sly knows what his fans want. Violence. Distinct lines between good and evil. Cameos from people that we loved in our childhood. Man, when do tickets go on sale?
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