Colin Farrell Could Play Ozzy Osbourne

By Doug Norrie 2010-07-05 08:53:12discussion comments
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Colin Farrell Could Play Ozzy Osbourne image
Whoever plays Ozzy Osbourne in the upcoming biopic about the legendary rockstar needs to embody the drinking, womanizing, drug-abusing and partying lifestyle Osbourne will always be remembered for. Iím looking at you Colin Farrell. In addition to the partying attributes, The Oz needs a versatile actor who can produce a laugh and take a complicated role seriously. Still looking at you Colin. The Irish Times (via The Playlist) is reporting a rumor that Farrell will play The Godfather of Heavy Metal in the upcoming movie.

Say what you want about Farrellís extracurricular activities and somewhat shady celebrity past, but the guy is a versatile actor. Heís shown as much in movies like In Bruges and Crazy Heart that when he embraces a role, the sky is the limit. Actually, now that Iíve heard this rumor, Iím having trouble picturing anyone else playing the role. (Even though I said before Russell Brand should be the go-to guy).

Whoever ends up playing Ozzy, the biopic Ė if done correctly- has the makings of a cinematic tour-de-force of bingeing, rocking, cursing, sexing and just general debauchery. Even though this is just a rumor, Farrell has been warming up for years.
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