Crazy Star Wars Video Alphabetizes Every Word In Episode IV

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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The term "Alderaan" is used 20 times in George Lucasí Star Wars: Episode IV Ė A New Hope. On the flip side, the term "lightsaber" is only used once. How on Earth (or on Dantooine Ė four times) would I know such a thing? Because a Star Wars fan with, Iím assuming, a touch of OCD, decided to alphabetize every word spoken in the initial Star Wars adventure and map them out in the video above.

This is insane. Iím watching it happen, and still canít comprehend how YouTube user suckerpinch pulled this off. Please tell me that they wrote some type of program that compiled this data, because if not, if had to take weeks. Maybe months.

Surfing the video, the term "Jedi" is used 10 times. The word "Force" is used 22 times. And "look" is used 28 times, which seems excessive.

Star Wars Force

Listen, Star Wars fans have earned a reputation for being slightly obsessive over Lucasí filmsÖ particularly the original trilogy. Have you ever entered into a discussion about who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo?

And the less that we say about the changes George Lucas made to Star Wars for the release of his movieís Blu-rays, the better. Even this guy is furious over the unnecessary alterations made to his beloved Star Wars films!

The creator of this alphabetized Star Wars video canít stop here, right? If itís a program that allows him or her to separate the dialogue in movies, can The Empire Strikes Back be far behind? Donít you want to know how many times the name "Lando" is uttered in the Star Wars trilogy? Or how many times a character bellows, "Noooooooo!" Because I can think of at least one timeÖ and it was one time too many.
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