Disney, Disney, Let Down Thy Tangled Teaser

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-28 20:53:09discussion comments
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A new title isnít the only thing the folks at Disney have been busy creating for the film Tangled, originally called Rapunzel; they were putting together a teaser trailer. This truly is the ultimate teaser, being just 29 seconds and consisting of very little footage and a whole lot of text. Regardless, the imagery is impressive, striking a nice balance between classic and CGI animation.

The lack of a title clearly suggests this piece was completed before settling on the final name. Based on the teaserís narration, itís also obvious that Disney has altered the source material a bit, which is a good thing considering itís quite dark. Seeing a Prince Charming blinded by thorns might not sit well with the kiddies. As Rapunzel, Mandy Moore mentions, ďOnce itís cut, it loses its powers.Ē Could there be more to her famous lengthy hair than being a convenient climbing apparatus?

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