Dylan Dog Trailer: Watch Brandon Routh Fight Zombies

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-17 00:00:09discussion comments
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Dylan Dog Trailer: Watch Brandon Routh Fight Zombies image
The first trailer for Brandon Routhís new demon hunter movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night makes it look more like a TV series than a theatrical release. Itís easy to imagine it as some sort of unexpected Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. But as a movie, it seems kind of terrible.

I love Brandon Routh and I root for the guy. In a perfect world heíd be playing Superman right now and end up playing him for the rest of his career. Instead heís doing this movie based on an obscure comic book and, in the wake of Scott Pilgrimís box office bomb itís probably not a good time to be in the Brandon Routh does movies based on obscure comic books business.

Hereís the trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Iíll see you afterward with more information on the film:

The movieís based on a series of Italian horror comics about a paranormal investigator. The movieís directed by Kevin Munroe, who last helmed the all CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles resurrection TMNT. Most people seemed to agree that film was agreeable, but live action is something else entirely.

As far as I can tell Dylan Dog: Dead of Night doesnít exactly have a US release date yet, though it is supposed to show up some time this year. Itís due in Russia and Italy in October though, and yes that was Taye Diggs you saw in the trailer as a villain and yes they did just use ďevery dog has itsÖĒ as a tagline. Neither of those things is probably a very good sign.
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