Exclusive This Is 40 Blu-ray Bonus Clip Explains The Biking Stunt

By Jessica Rawden 2013-03-14 12:24:44discussion comments
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This is 40 tells the tale of a couple who are turning 40 and have hit a bit of a rut in their marriage. Written, produced, and directed by Judd Apatow and starring the rest of his family, the film hits many true notes as well as some suitably hilarious ones. If you really loved the film, or have been wanting to catch it, This is 40 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD beginning on March 22. Now, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put together an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip for fans.

The focus of the clip is on the character of Peter, played by Paul Rudd. We get a couple of seconds of the crew just lambasting Peters biking get-up, but the focus of the clip is actually on the pretty sweet bike stunt. The behind-the-scenes footage focuses on the bike stuntman who gets to fly into the window of an SVU. It actually looks pretty painful and he even ends up bleeding by the end of the clip, but Ill let you judge for yourself.

This is 40 has been pretty good about marketing for its releases. Weve already caught Jason Segel and Chris ODowd trying to impress Megan Fox in an extended scene, and if you want to see more from Rudds Pete, you can check out the long and uncomfortable blooper reel. These extras and more will be available with the This is 40 Blu-ray set and if this seems up your alley, you can pre-order the set on Amazon.
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