Exclusive Trance Blu-ray Bonus Clip Discusses The Art Of Hypnotism

By Jessica Rawden 2013-07-22 12:04:34discussion comments
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In Trance, Rosario Dawson plays a hypnotist who is trying to get to the bottom of an art theft and the location of a missing painting. To prepare for the role, Dawson spent time with an actual hypnotist, even undergoing hypnosis at one point herself to get into the right mindset. In the clip, the actress talks about prepping for the gig, but Danny Boyle and others also speak out about the hypnosis that drives Trance throughout its narrative.

Danny Boyle’s Trance didn’t have the box office impact in The States that Slumdog Millionaire did, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less worth watching, or any less of a wild ride. The film centers on Simon (James McAvoy), Franck (Vincent Cassel), and Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson), three people who are involved in some way or another in an art heist. While the movie offers some elements of a basic heist film, it’s also a gripping psychological thriller in which Dawson plays a key role as a hypnotherapist who may not have the purist of intentions. You can check out Dawson and co. in action, below.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s set will hit Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, July 23. Both sets will be chock full of bonus features, although the Blu-ray combo pack will come with an Ultra Violet copy of the film and a few more extras. A lot of these seem to be behind-the-scenes segments like the video above, but in particular “Danny’s Film Noir” and the short frilm by Spencer Susser, both Blu-ray only extras, seem to be outside the box. However, check the set out for yourself before deciding if it's right for your collection.

Trance Blu-ray Bonus Features
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trance Unraveled (Easter Egg)
  • The Power of Suggestion-Making Trance
  • Kick Off
  • Danny's Film Noir
  • Hypnotherapy
  • The Look
  • The Final Rewrite
  • Danny Boyle Retrospective
  • Short Film: EUGENE by Spencer Susser
  • Theatrical Trailer
Trance DVD Bonus Features
  • Hypnotherapy
  • The Look
  • The Power of Suggestion-Making Trance
  • The Final Rewrite
  • Theatrical Trailer
The set will be available for purchase on shelves beginning tomorrow. However, for now you can pre-order the series over at Amazon.

Trance Blu-ray Box Art
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