First Iron Man 2 Poster Reveals War Machine

By Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-30 16:28:49discussion comments
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We still have to wait a whole five months to see Iron Man 2 but, when you think about it, itís not that far away. Tomorrow is the first day of December and I bet youíre wondering where the yearís gone. This is either going to make you feel like May 7th is right around the corner or make it seem like a torturous eternity away, but here it goes; Yahoo!Movies has debuted the very first poster for Iron Man 2.

Itís simple and sure to get your blood pumping. It only gives a peak at War Machine (Don Cheadle), but whatíd you expect from the first poster? The best part about the release of a poster is that it means a trailer canít be far away. Could we see War Machine in all his glory there? What about Sam Rockwellís Justin Hammer? I know my fingers are crossed!

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