Full District 9 Trailer: Aliens Attack!

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-08 14:43:00discussion comments
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The first full trailer for District 9 has arrived and for anyone who like me, has been continually disappointed by the vague nature of everything else from this movie, be prepared to be satisfied. Gone are the blur tactics and in their place is a real look at whether or not this movie is worth seeing.

The trailer portrays the film as a tense thriller set in a world where aliens have landed and are kept as second class citizens in South Africa where, they arenít allowed to leave. Something seems to have gone horribly wrong though, either in the form of an infection or simple prejudice out of control. In this new trailer youíll get a good look at the aliens in action. Not just talking, but fighting and driving strange robot vehicles into small battles against police forces. Watch it in HD at Yahoo or watch it below:

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