Get Your First Look At Disney's Avatar Theme Park

By Nick Venable 2013-10-13 20:08:54discussion comments
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Itís been a couple of years since Disney announced theyíd be expanding their Animal Kingdom theme park to bring visitors into James Cameronís Avatar, via the attraction Avatarland. While the name itself could use a jolt of imagination, thatís not the case for the park itself which aims to transport people to a different universe. At least thatís what the concept pictures show. Anxious to book a vacation to Pandora? Youíll be waiting until 2017, when the park is set to open. It seems like a reasonable date, given the scope of this project.

Via WDW News Today, Disney announced there will be at least two major components to Avatarland. A boat ride will take riders through the nighttime and gorgeously colored forests of Pandora, and it will heavily feature audio-animatronics, in the same vein as Pirates of the Caribbean. Try not to fall overboard looking at the conceptual art below.


My love for Avatar isnít strong, and Iím lukewarm about Cameron spending his entire future on the sequels, but I would hit up this attraction in no time. Disney parks are full of media that I couldnít care less about, but none of them promise something this visually appealing combined with the calmness of a water ride.

The second part of this project sounds like a more traditional ride, and will put guests atop a Banshee that will fly riders through the skies. It isnít clear whether this will be going for thrills or for the majestic beauty, or possibly a little bit of both. Take a peek at what we might see form this ride below.


I have to wonder how large this portion will be, and if an actual constructed ride is involved, or if itís a cross between screen projections and special effects. But perhaps Cameron figured out a way to breed Banshees for the specific purpose of riding them with our kids.

Along with a few other recently announced additions to Animal Kingdom, including nighttime shows and entertainment, Avatarland will certainly attract hordes of fans to the park, much like Harry Potter fans have flocked to that park.

The question now, of course, is who is going to sue Cameron first, saying they had the idea for an Avatar theme park ages ago. Check out the video below from this yearís D23, which shares a few more details about the attraction.

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