Guess The Beloved Movie By Watching The Foreign Language Knock-Off Trailer

By Kristy Puchko 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Every time an American studio announces a remake of a foreign movie, there's a predictable amount of groans and lamentation about Hollywood's lack of original inspirations. But it's worth remembering the craze for remakes works both ways, with other nation's happily revamping American movies to play better to home audiences.

Sometimes these overseas remakes are little more than a new cast, a new tongue and a cultural tweak here or there. But sometimes the new versions of these tales are downright unrecognizable. How savvy are you at spotting the source material? Test yourself with our 10-point Quiz.


Title: A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop
Director: Yimou Zhang
Country: China
Year of Release: 2009
Plot: A noodle shop owner's plan to murder his adulterous wife and her lover goes awry.
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