Just like pretty much all action films, comic book movies generally contain a certain amount of violence. Most of it is rather tame, as these features are made for mass appeal and typically shoot for a PG-13 rating, but punching, kicking and use of weapons are all par for the course. As demonstrated in multiple trailers and other marketing materials released over the last few months, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy won't really be doing anything to break that mold, as both heroes and villains alike all take part in some kind of ass-kicking. But you wouldn't necessarily know that looking at the movie's most recent international poster, released for markets down in Latin America.

Looking at the poster above, which was found over on Comic Book Movie, you may notice that a lot of things about the image look familiar, but also distinctly different. Can't quite put your finger on it? Compare it to the American version of the same poster that was released last month:

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

Both the backdrop and images of Chris Pratt are completely different, but you'll also notice that the heroes have now been completely cut off from their weapons. Star-Lord no longer has his blasters, Gamora's sword is gone, Rocket's machine gun has been taken away, and Drax's daggers have been cropped out. The only character left untouched is Groot, but I guess that's because the character's whole body is a weapon, and the guys who did the layout really wanted him to be on the poster.

There's no real reason to have a problem with this bit of Photoshop work - other than the fact that it doesn't look great - but I guess I just don't understand why anyone bothered. As mentioned above, everybody expects Guardians of the Galaxy to have some level of violence, and it's a movie that has featured moments like this:

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

And this:

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

And this:

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

in the trailers. Why resort to unnecessary censorship?

The leads of Guardians of the Galaxy will be reunited with their weapons of choice when the film hits theaters in the United States on August 1st, and you can find out how you can get an early look at the movie right HERE.




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