Javier Bardem May Voice Villain Role Opposite Steve Carell In Despicable Me 2

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-05 18:19:03discussion comments
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Javier Bardem May Voice Villain Role Opposite Steve Carell In Despicable Me 2 image
With all due respect to Jason Segel, Vector was a forgettable foe in Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaudís animated comedy Despicable Me. Part of it was Segelís reading of the character, who was easily overshadowed by Steve Carellís Gru, the three adorable orphan girls, the yellow-bellied minions, and even Russell Brandís humorously out-of-touch Dr. Nefario. Gru needs a proper nemesis, and a new report says one might be on the horizon.

Javier Bardem is reportedly negotiating to voice a new villain in Despicable Me 2, THR reports. The site says Bardemís character would be El Macho, who has a son in much the same way that Carellís Gru has his three adopted daughters. There are endless possibilities as to which direction a Despicable Me sequel could go, and Coffin and Renaud will have to get in gear if they hope to deliver by the July 3, 2012 release date Universal has circled.

Adding Bardem is without question a step in the right direction. The brilliant actor has been feeling nefarious since winning an Oscar for playing the menacing Anton Chigurh in Joel and Ethan Coenís No Country for Old Men. Persistent rumors link Bardem to the villainous role in the next James Bond film, with screenwriter John Logan going so far as to ďsuggestĒ that 007ís next opponent should be Blofeld. Perhaps Bardem can channel Blofeld for director Sam Mendes while heís terrorizing Carell from a voice-recording booth on Universalís lot.

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