Josh Brolin Updates Us On The Goonies 2

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Josh Brolin Updates Us On The Goonies 2 image
Where do we stand on The Goonies 2? Obviously, weíre behind the idea. So is original Goonies director Richard Donner, who helped put the movie sequel back on our radars by telling TMZ it was happening. But Josh Brolin is taking the "Iíll believe it when I see it" road, and Iím not sure we can blame him.

Brolin appeared on The Tonight Show last night, as you can see in the clip below, and discussed the possibility of The Goonies 2 while also douple-dipping by promoting his turn in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. And because The Goonies celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon started with sequel talk. Brolin played along, but emphasized that these conversations happen every couple of years.
Itís gotten to the point where they have said it so many times where Iíll be this character. [Mimics a man in a walker.] Ö I would do it! I would do it. But every five years, I keep hearing that weíre going to do it, and then Iím like Ė and then finally, when you hear something like Richard Donner saying Ö but itís on TMZ, so you canít believe it. Itís like, ĎYes! Weíre going to do it!í And Iím like, ĎIt says TMZ on the bottom, man!í"

The two end their chat by asking Steven Spielberg to get it together. Like heís just sitting around on his thumbs, doing nothing. Listen to the chat. Itís actually fun:

We had a lot of hope for The Goonies 2, particularly after Richard Donnerís comments. As we reported, Steven Spielberg had an idea for a sequel, and the cast members made it seem like they were ready and willing to go. Sean Astin, who played Mikey in the wonderful childhood adventure film, even went on record as saying The Goonies 2 would be magical, and we believed him. Because we want to believe.

But then the sequel hit an obstacle when a panel meant to reunite the cast at San Diego Comic-Con was cancelled at the last minute. No explanation was given. That was the first indication of trouble in the Goon Docks. Now Josh Brolinís comments adhere to the party line of, "We want to do this. But it doesnít sound like we know WHEN we will do it." So we wait. It is fun seeing Brolin in the bandana again, at the very least.
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