The Jurassic Park Raptor Crate Is For Sale And I Want To Buy It

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-27 12:45:55discussion comments
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The Jurassic Park Raptor Crate Is For Sale And I Want To Buy It image
You like Jurassic Park? Of course, you do. Everyone likes Jurassic Park. Itís still as visually impressive today as it was twenty years ago. Itís a stone cold classic, and if youíre interested in celebrating that greatness in more ways than just owning a Blu-ray and maybe having a poster on your wall, I have the perfect opportunity for you. It turns out the raptor cage from the filmís climactic first scene is now on sale.

Thatís right. Over on eBay, a seller has just listed the "animal transport crate". At this point, bidding is just south of $100,000, which seems like an absolute bargain given weíre talking about movie history.

You can check out a few pictures of the crate belowÖ

I know what youíre thinking. First, it's not exactly in the best condition, and second, why is there a fake raptor inside the raptor crate? Well, it's a fixer-upper, no doubt, and as far as the raptor, that guy was apparently constructed as part of the promotional materials back in the day. It stayed with the cage, and it has just been hanging out ever since. Thatís a remarkably good thing too because why the hell would you want to own a raptor cage without a raptor inside? Thatís like owning a dartboard without darts or a pool table without cues.

Right now, there are more than eight days left in the bidding. The winning buyer will be responsible for transportation and costs associated with picking the prop up; so, that should take a minimum of a few thousand dollars onto the final purchase price. Fortunately, anyone with more than one hundred grand to drop on a movie prop probably isnít going to be too concerned about pocket change like that.

If youíve got some time and arenít sure whether or not to wreck your bank account with this purchase, feel free to spend your time thinking listening to John Williamsí brilliant score below. Hereís to hoping it gets reprised in some form for the upcoming fourth installmentÖ

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