The Legend Of Hercules Hammers Four New Clips Into Your Head

By Nick Venable 2013-12-28 09:23:37discussion comments
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There was a time when the names Brett Ratner and Renny Harlin were almost synonymous, as both have made careers out of generally silly action films. The fact that theyíre both releasing Hercules movies in 2014 is such a delight to me, and while Ratnerís Hercules team-up with Dwayne Johnson will undoubtedly be a better experiences, part of me is pretty geared up for Harlinís insanely over-the-top The Legend of Hercules. We get to see quite a bit of the battle scenes in these four new clips, plus Kellan Lutzís titular character nearing a possibly forbidden makeout session with Hebe (Gaia Weiss). While Iím sure it wasnít against any laws for Lutz to wear a shirt during the production of this film, there must have been some kind of a contractual obligation warning against it.

I would admittedly rather be a 10-year-old boy watching The Legend of Hercules during a sleepover rather than a 31-year-old manchild dropping dollars at the cinema, but even at this advanced age, I canít deny the occasional urge to watch grown men beat the shit out of each other in slow motion. The above clip, via ComingSoon, is patently ridiculous, but in a mostly positive way. I would be lying if I said I didnít hoot in pleased laughter when he drove his shield down into one warriorís foot and smashed his toes before leaping off of said shield and slamming the guy in the back of the head. While the film probably owes its entire existence to the career of Zack Snyderís slo-mo-infused fisticuffs, I like how this clip actually looks more inspired by the high-flying antics of professional wrestling.

Unfortunately, the other three clips arenít quite as enjoyable. The one youíll see below is another gladiator battle scene, but it takes place on a bunch of uneven rock formations in the middle of the coliseum. Itís not terrible, but I kept wondering about the poor saps that were tasked with getting all those rocks situated like that.

The video below looks like itís going to be a big fight, but a team of expert archers make short waste of all enemy combatants as they make their allegiance to Hercules known. This is the rare scene where Herculesí chest is covered, but weíre blaming it on the rain.

And here we have a subdued scene where Hercules gets a necklace from his love, the daughter of the king who hates him. You know what Iím not watching this movie for? Romantic undertones.

Is everyone absolutely pumped about this film yet? No? Yeah, well, it is Renny Harlin, who last directed the below-average found footage horror Devilís Pass, which I suffered through the other day. But just these clips were better than the bulk of that film, so have faith. You can watch the making of a legend when the film bashes theaters open on January 10.
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