Liam Hemsworth Takes To The Skies In Relativity Media's Aurora Rising

By Nick Venable 2013-05-20 19:31:12discussion comments
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Liam Hemsworth Takes To The Skies In Relativity Media's Aurora Rising image
Like many acting families before them, the three Hemsworth brothers are a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, each carrying their weight in films and TV shows of varying genres (okay, two more so than the other one). And baby brother Liamís next film is perfectly fitting for a young Australian movie star.

Donít call him Maverick, but Hemsworth is set to play a fighter pilot for Relativity Mediaís Aurora Rising, according to Deadline. The screenplay was written by Christian Gudegast, whose last script was 2003ís Vin Diesel-led action flickA Man Apart for F. Gary Gray, which he co-wrote with Paul Scheuring. No director is attached to the new film yet.

Proving their confidence in both menís abilities, this is Relativity Mediaís second project with both Hemsworth and Gudegast. In August, theyíll be releasing Robert Luketicís corporate thriller Paranoia which will star the Hunger Games actor alongside Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. Theyíll also be producing the long-gestating Den of Thieves, which will be written and directed by the screenwriter.

In Aurora Rising Hemsworth will play a surfer-turned-military pilot whose first combat mission proves his worth. He gets recruited to an elite team who are testing the next generation of aircraft. An international conflict then breaks out, and something tells me this elite team will get involved. Hemsworth seems like the kind of guy who surfed and made airplane machine gun noise a lot as a kid, which is almost as good as his resume. Catch him next in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when it releases November 22.
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