Mia Wasikowska Treks Across The Australian Desert In First Trailer For John Curran's Tracks

By Nick Venable 2013-12-02 13:20:34discussion comments
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Based on the acclaimed memoir from Robyn Davidson, See Saw Filmsí Tracks is a return to the emotional drama for director John Curran (We Donít Live Here Anymore), whose 2010 thriller Stone just wasnít up to snuff with the rest of his work. Hereís hoping he didnít have to take a 2,000 mile journey to figure that out.

The trailer, via EW, is quite possibly the most sunshiny thing Iíve ever seen indoors. The film chronicles the 1,700-mile trip through the Australian wilderness that Davidson took with her dog and camels back in 1977. And Mia Wasikowska is absolutely transformed for the role in a complete 180 from her dark look in this yearís Stoker. Not only is she blond, which looks rather strange, but sheís almost always completely sunburnt and covered in dirt. Itís obviously more of a passion project than a vanity project.

Davidson agreed to write about her adventures for an article in National Geographic, which was later expanded into a book. She met photographer Rick Smolan, played by Girlsí Adam Driver, insisting he be the one to document the journey. As you can imagine, the two get a little hot and heavy along the way, which must have been extremely painful and also awkward with all the camels watching.

Being a Debbie Downer pessimist most of the time, Tracks isnít the kind of movie that I usually seek out, but thereís something about it that really gets me. Whether itís the admiration for someone doing things that Iíd never in a million years do myself, or if itís because itís about a strong woman going against all odds to do what she feels she needs to do, without someone else demanding something from her. Itís a nice respite from HBOís ideals of what the independent woman is capable of.

I canít go without pointing out the silliness of the Huffington Post blurb at the end, where they call the film a "one of a kind cinematic venture that comes around every decade or so." How can something be one of a kind if it happens every ten years? But I digress.

The Weinstein Company snatched up the U.S. rights to Tracks, which screened at the Telluride Film Festival earlier this year, but they havenít yet set a release date for it, though itíll be out in the U.K. next April. But so help me if they choose to release it on a Wednesday, where people can make incessantly annoying "Hump Day" jokes about it. I'd end up burying my head in the sand.
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