Michael Bay Teases First Look At Transformer 4's New Bumblebee

By Sean O'Connell 2013-05-30 08:49:54discussion comments
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Transformers Bumblebee

Transformers fans have been treated to several new looks at the redesigned elements of Michael Bayís upcoming Transformers 4, mainly thanks to the directorís official Web site and the images heís courteous enough to share as he tries to get his fanbase revved up for the next installment in the ongoing franchise. Earlier this week, we received images of the Autobots (in automobile form), as well as a shot of the new Optimus Prime, with his trademark flame decals in place. This morning, Bay drops the newest pic of Bumblebee on his official Web site. Weíve shared it with you above.

Bay explains that the new Bumblebee will be a ďhighly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS.Ē Take that, Fast & Furious! Youíre not the only high-octane franchise with an unhealthy interest in muscle cars! I canít tell if itís the shadowing in the abvove image or a deliberate modification of the paint scheme, but I like the black/grey tones showing up on the body and hood of this Bumblebee. I canít wait to see how that is incorporated into the transformed robot structure of the spunky Autobot hero.

Hereís the thing about Bayís Transformers movies: The robots were never really the problem. When you heard die-hard fans griping about Bayís ďmodificationsĒ to the franchise they grew up on, it also centered around the human actors or Bayís immature bathroom humor. Still, itís very cool that the director and his team is taking a fresh pass to the four-wheeled heroes. It backs up his claims that this will be a totally new vision for the series.

Now, letís see some of your Decepticons, Mr. Bay!
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