New Scream 4 Poster Gets To The Point

By Katey Rich 2011-02-16 11:31:10discussion comments
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New Scream 4 Poster Gets To The Point image
I'm as excited for Scream 4 as anybody who grew up in the 90s possibly could be, hoping against hope that the fourth film in the franchise can recapture the knowing, witty fun of the first film, convincing even scaredy-cats like me to enjoy a horror movie. The first poster for the film seemed to hint at that very promise, a spin-off on the image from the very first film's poster. For the newest poster, though, they're going more modern and a whole lot sharper. Yes, that's a terrible pun, and I will not apologize for it.

You can check out the poster below, or larger at Moviefone, where it premiered. I actually might like it even more than the earlier nostalgic poster-- it's witty and to-the-point, playing off the iconic Ghostface mask while also promising plenty of stabbings. Scream 4 hits theaters on April 15, and much as the other sequels should have taught me to be wary, I'm genuinely excited to see it.

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