Russell Brand Scares Up A Starring Role In The Hauntrepreneur

By Sean O'Connell 2012-01-26 08:57:40discussion comments
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Russell Brand Scares Up A Starring Role In The Hauntrepreneur image
Russell Brand, in my honest opinion, hasnít found the right project for his exaggerated sense of humor. Maybe Adam Shankmanís uproarious musical Rock of Ages will figure out how to use him. Maybe it will be the currently untitled Diablo Cody film heís about to begin filming. Or maybe, just maybe, it will be The Hauntrepreneur, a picture Variety says heíll film for Paramount and Platinum Dunes.

Based on a spec script by Scott Rosenberg, the awkwardly titled Hauntrepreneur -- I seriously donít want to have to type that multiple times for the next year and a half -- casts Brand as a strange man hired to help a family adjust to their new home town. ďIn an attempt to bring them together,Ē Variety reports, ďthe man creates a haunted house filled with an odd cast of characters.Ē

Ah, itís Brandís attempt at Beetlejuice. But you see, introducing a supernatural element to Brandís comedy could allow him to think big and find the offbeat visuals to match his imagination. Iím not exactly sure why a family needs to hire some oddball to help them grow accustomed to their new digs, but if Rosenberg can explain away that blip, Iím on board.

The trade says a director will be hired shortly. They also mention that Platinum Dunes, on addition to Brandís film, could be close to getting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot off the ground. Thatís good news. Weíll see what happens.
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