Snowpiercer's Japanese Trailer Reveals More Exciting Footage

By Nick Venable 2014-01-08 11:25:35discussion comments
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With all the mini-controversy over which cut of Bong Joon-hoís dystopian thriller Snowpiercer American audiences would get to see, the movie itself has gotten comfortable on the backburner. After all, it doesnít really matter how the film is edited if The Weinstein Company continues to go without giving the film an official U.S. release date.

All snarkiness aside, my excitement for Snowpiercer has once again reached an apex with the release of the Japanese trailer, which features quite a bit of footage we havenít seen before. Will we ever see it again? Sure, if we just keep replaying the trailer.

A big thanks to Twitchfilm for pointing us to this trailer, which has successfully made me want to rebel with everything on the other side of my house. And then when Iím done with that, Iím going to find a way to live in a train car that is somehow surrounded by an aquarium setting. I suppose I shouldnít get so inspired by a class-sectioned film that takes place after the world is coming to an end, but itís no worse than Terminator 2 inspiring me to walk into biker bars while naked.

This trailer in particular exhibits a solid pacing that lays out the story almost perfectly. We get to see how different sections of the train get to live before watching the heinous treatment that the lower class citizens in the back of the train experience. And all it takes is a gun butt to the face and someone stepping on someone elseís hand; no good comes from crushed fingers. Tilda Swinton tells everyone to keep their place, and then we see the seedlings of revolt planted in the minds of Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer and the other downtrodden souls. And thenÖfight! Too bad we donít get to spend much time with the filmís other stars, including John Hurt, Ed Harris, Alison Pill, Jamie Bell, Ewan Bremner and Song Kang-ho.

Itís incredibly unnerving to see people storming down a train car holding a bunch of torches, especially combined with big gunfights and shots of the trainís rickety wobbling along its never-ending circuit around Europe and Asia. Will this uprising actually work to ensure equal treatment of all the Snowpiercerís citizens, or will it only serve to ruin everyoneís lives without a clear victory? Assuming you havenít had a chance to catch the film at a film festival, then youíll find out right along with me when Snowpiercer hits theatersÖ whenever Snowpiercer hits theaters.

Hereís one of those other trailers they released just to make Americans think we wouldnít be waiting until the next Ice Age to get a look at this thing.

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