Tron Viral Campaign Debuts Space Paranoids Game Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-15 00:24:47discussion comments
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Tron Viral Campaign Debuts Space Paranoids Game Trailer image
Tron: Legacyís viral campaign has become so big and so complicated that itís getting kind of hard to figure out when to take it seriously, and when not to. For instance when they promised an Encom press conference, they actually got the real Bruce Boxleitner to show up and pose as Encomís CEO. But Iím pretty sure that wasnít really Garrett Hedlund parachuting out of that chopper over the crowd. Thatís part of the fun though, the movieís viral campaign has done a good job of muddying the waters between fantasy and reality.

So the question isÖ is this trailer fantasy or reality? Earlier today the Tron: Legacy viral site Flynn Lives released the following video:

Iíve been waiting twenty years to play this game. If theyíre actually releasing it, if I can actually fly around in a Recognizer and crush my friends online, then I am so in. The game's graphics are pretty simplistic, intentionally designed to look like something that fell out of the 80s when the fictional game which made Kevin Flynn famous was supposed to have been released. So that means putting it online and letting people play it should actually be pretty easy right?

As far as we know, the game truly does exist. Word from Comic Con last year was that this was one of the games available to play in Flynnís Arcade. So the game has been made and itís simple enough that putting it online shouldnít be a World of Warcraft hassle. The trailer looks great, so what are we waiting for? Bring it on Disney, Iím ready to start playing.
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