Warners Action/Comedy Fully Automatic Getting Rewrite By Michael Starrbury

By David Wharton 2011-11-04 12:14:11discussion comments
Warners Action/Comedy Fully Automatic Getting Rewrite By Michael Starrbury image
People have been trying to recapture the buddy action/comedy vibe that peaked during the '80s for years, with varying degrees of success. By far the best attempt has been Shane Black's Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (pictured above)...but that may be because Shane Black wrote the first Lethal Weapon, the movie that best defines the genre. One of the scripts trying to recapture a little bit of that Shane Black magic is Fully Automatic, which pairs two rookie cops with a female Delta Force-r to take down a dangerous mercenary armed with stolen weaponry. The script originated as spec by Randy Feldman in 2002. Feldman is no stranger to the buddy action/comedy genre himself, having written Tango & Cash way back in 1989. Now it looks like Warner Bros. is trying to get the project up and running again, because THR says the studio has hired up-and-comer Michael Starrbury to take a stab at it.

Starrbury has been gradually making a name for himself lately, with several projects lined up. After breaking in with a drama script called The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, Starrbury has sold a comedy pitch to ABC and developed a pilot called Black Jack for Comedy Central. And he's managed all this without moving to LA; the thirty-something writer still makes his home in Minneapolis, MN, where those screenwriting bucks no doubt stretch quite a bit farther.

It's hard to tell from a one-line synopsis just how promising a script might be, but I wish Fully Automatic luck just because it's a genre I wish somebody could resurrect properly. Shane Black 's career is back with a vengeance these days, with him currently writing and directing Iron Man 3, and with a half-dozen other projects on his horizon. Still, I'd like to see a new generation kick a little life into the floundering world of squabbling cops and bickering detectives. The scripts are out there, I've read some of them, but somehow we just keep getting the likes of Cop Out. I suppose I could always just pop Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang back in the Blu-ray player...
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