We Are What We Are Trailer Is A Delicious Bite Of A Slow-Burning Thriller

By Nick Venable 2013-08-28 02:13:33discussion comments
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My first reaction to watching the IGN exclusive trailer for Jim Mickleís upcoming horror thriller We Are What We Are was a slow approving nod, followed by confusion. Horror movies, especially remakes, donít tend to look this good. Adapted from Jorge Michel Grauís unique Mexican film of the same name, Mickleís version, which he co-wrote with co-star Nick Damici, is a Southern Gothic tale about a close-knit family that goes through a rough patch. Thatís whatís called an understatement.

What I love about this trailer is how well the story is laid out, being quite on the nose about the familyís dark secret without coming out and saying it. I wondered how this would be handled, as the Mexican versionís synopsis is quick to ďspoilĒ things, though knowing is only half of the fun. I mean, the posterís tagline is ďThe Parkers Would Like To Have You For Dinner,Ē and you canít really spell it out any better than that.

The Parkers are comprised of the discipline-heavy patriarch Frank, played with a rugged intensity by Bill Sage (Nurse Jackie) and his daughters Iris and Rose, played by Ambyr Childers (Ray Donovan) and Julia Garner (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) respectively. Thereís also Rory (Jack Gore), but itís the two daughters that will be handling the bulk of this madness.

Frank happens to follow a very specific family tradition that goes back an untold number of years. Once his wife dies, the responsibility for putting food on the table falls to Iris and Rose, who donít know if theyíre quite up to the task. A violent storm hits the small town where the Parkers live, and it isnít long before bones become unearthed, and the local authorities bring to light the familyís secret lifestyle.

Regardless of how the final movie comes out, this trailer has completely won me over, delivering a moodiness that isnít nearly as bleak as its Mexican counterpart. It resembles Park Chan-wookís Stoker by way of Bill Paxtonís excellent 2001 thriller Frailty. Because itís more of a thriller with horror elements, the movie isnít hinged on the reveals and the gore, transcending genre tags for something more universal. At least I hope so.

Also starring Odeya Rush (The Odd Life of Timothy Green), Michael Parks (Red State), Nick Damici (Stakeland) and Wyatt Russell (Cowboys & Aliens), We Are What We Are is the third film from the constantly improving Mickle, who is currently adapting another moody thriller based on a Joe Lansdale novel. My guess is if this flick maximizes the potential that I didnít even think it would have, Mickle will be sinking his teeth into bigger films before too much longer.

We Are What We Are opens in select theaters September 27 before going nationwide soon after.

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