Weekend Box Office - Kick-Ass Does Anything But

By Scott Gwin 2010-04-18 17:54:46discussion comments
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Weekend Box Office - Kick-Ass Does Anything But image
UPDATE: The final numbers are in, and with $19.8 million to Dragon's $19.6 million, Kick-Ass is #1 for the weekend after all. Read more about it here.

Kick-Ass did anything but at the box office this weekend, banking only $19 million for a second place debut. With an unquestioned 'R' rating the film's shameless dive into gleefully gratuitous violence wasn't expected to make a lot of cash, but the fact that it couldn't break the $20 million didn't leave anyone at Lions Gate doing back flips.

In fact, the new entry couldn't even top four-weekend-old How To Train Your Dragon. The CG animated adventure soared back into the box office's top spot this weekend with just $20 million, the lowest number one total of the year so far.

The good news this weekend was the poor performance in the remake sector. The new take on Death At A Funeral took in only $17 million for fourth place. Meanwhile Clash of the Titans, which had been sitting at the number one spot for two weeks, dropped all the way to fifth place with $15 million.

Not that either movie is hurting for cash. Titans is already well in the black with $321 million world-wide against its $125 million budget and after only three days in theaters Death at a Funeral is only a few million short of matching it's modest $21 million budget.

For the full weekend top ten check out the chart below:

How to Train Your Dragon $20,000,000  -  Total: $158,618,000 LW: 3     WR: 4    
THTRS: 3,825
Kick-Ass * $19,750,000  -  Total: $19,750,000 LW: N     WR: 1    
THTRS: 3,065
Date Night $17,300,000  -  Total: $49,246,000 LW: 2     WR: 2    
THTRS: 3,380
Death at a Funeral (2010) * $17,000,000  -  Total: $17,000,000 LW: N     WR: 1    
THTRS: 2,459
Clash of the Titans (2010) $15,770,000  -  Total: $132,985,000 LW: 1     WR: 3    
THTRS: 3,753
The Last Song $5,800,000  -  Total: $50,000,000 LW: 5     WR: 3    
THTRS: 2,767
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? $4,180,000  -  Total: $54,880,000 LW: 4     WR: 3    
THTRS: 1,859
Hot Tub Time Machine $3,545,000  -  Total: $42,505,000 LW: 6     WR: 4    
THTRS: 2,308
Alice in Wonderland (2010) $3,500,000  -  Total: $324,000,000 LW: 7     WR: 7    
THTRS: 2,024
The Bounty Hunter $3,200,000  -  Total: $60,378,000 LW: 8     WR: 5    
THTRS: 2,475

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