Zombieland Images: Meet Zombie Charlie Chaplin

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-10 01:31:14discussion comments
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Iím more than a little tired of zombies, but sick of the undead or not thereís no denying that Zombieland looks kind of cool. In fact it may be even cooler than weíve imagined. Photographer David Strick was able to hang around on the Zombieland set while they were filming, and the results of his photographic lurking have been posted on latimes.com. Itís cool. Really cool.

David has given us permission to post a couple of his photos here, just to give you a taste of what he captured on the set. But thereís a full gallery of great candid and gory images from the filming of Zombieland right here thatís totally worth your time. Head over there to see more of his Strickís work.

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