Zombieland Poll: Tell Us What You Think

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-01 23:27:49discussion comments
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Youíve see zombies, but youíve never seen them this funny. Youíve heard the buzz and by now you know that Zombieland is a must see. So much the better if youíre able to catch it tonight at a midnight showing which, as I type this are kicking off around the country. Fans everywhere are piling into theaters prepping to watch Woody Harrelsonís quest to achieve Zombie Kill of the Week. Whatís that? You have a job? Even in a difficult economy, this is more important.

By now though, youíve heard enough on the subject of hilarious zombie killing from us, so itís your turn. After you see Zombieland come back here and tell the world what you thought of it. Sound off in our comments section, share your opinion on our message board, by talking back to us on twitter, and most importantly (since itís the entire point of this post), by casting your vote in the official CB Zombieland Poll below. Tell us what you think!

What do you think of Zombieland?


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