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Tribeca: Keira Knightley And Mark Ruffalo Charm In Music-Fueled Romance 'Begin Again'
A light-hearted drama punctuated by pop songs, Begin Again stars Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley as Dan, a washed up, oft-drunk record executive, and Greta, a principled singer-songwriter. Each is struggling to make sense of love, life and the music business in New York City.
Can A Song Save Your Life Kristy Puchko 2014-04-27
Adam Levine Joins Keira Knightley In Can A Song Save Your Life
In terms of the timeline for a musician who might be looking to try their hand at acting, we're still in the stage where it seems strange to hear that Adam Levine is going to play a role in something. American Horror Story fans have had a little time already to adjust to the idea of the Maroon 5 singer and The Voice chair-swiveling judge playing a role in the FX horror-drama series' upcoming second season.
Can A Song Save Your Life Kelly West 2012-06-15
Keira Knightley Replaces Scarlett Johansson In Can A Song Save Your Life?
It's a bummer to see talent drop out of any promising project, especially when it promises a superhero-sized reunion, but Knightley is more than qualified as an alternative, and hopefully Ruffalo's replacement will be just as talented as well. With Once blowing up as a Broadway musical
Can A Song Save Your Life Katey Rich 2012-05-16
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