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George Romero Adapting Zombie Autopsies, Turns Down The Walking Dead
It's hard to know how serious Romero is about the adaptation-- most of the interview is spent talking about where zombie movies stand today, what a "roomer zombie" mens and how excited he is about video games. It's clear that he's not itching to go into production on Zombie Autopsies soon
george romero Katey Rich 2011-10-21
New Red Band Survival Of The Dead Trailer Gives Us More Romero Zombies
Zombies. They walk slowly, they moan, they are physically unattractive and, worse yet, they feast on the flesh of the living. Nothing good will come from the inevitable zombie apocalypse, as they slowly end the human race
george romero Eric Eisenberg 2010-03-30
George Romero's Survival Of The Dead Trailer
If you've seen Diary of the Dead, you already know that at this point in his career George Romero is losing his touch. Some might say he lost it after Land of the Dead, but Diary is a truly broken film.
george romero Will LeBlanc 2010-03-04
Night of the Living Dead 3D Cartoon Adds Food, I Mean Cast
Hoping for some new and unique ideas to come out of the zombie community in the next few years?! Well sorry to burst your bubble kids, but Night if the Living Dead: Origins will be putting a stop to any of that
george romero Will LeBlanc 2009-12-02
Night Of The Living Dead Getting Remade In 3-D
Last winter we reported on talk of plans to convert the original Night of the Living Dead movie into stereoscopic 3-D. Now apparently the powers that bed have decided not to tamper with a classic
george romero Katey Rich 2009-09-16
Timothy Olyphant Hasn't Seen Romero's The Crazies
Timothy Olyphant is participating in a remake of a revered horror classic, George Romero's The Crazies, but he's not worried about how true they're staying to the original-- he hasn't seen it
george romero Katey Rich 2009-08-07
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