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Hugh Jackman And Rooney Mara Are Reuniting For An Emotional Drama, Get The Details
Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara have signed up for a weighty, emotional drama from one of the hottest directors in Hollywood at the moment.
Rooney Mara Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-13
Why A White Tiger Lily Works, According To Rooney Mara
Shortly after it was announced that the star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo would play Tiger Lily for director Joe Wright in a Peter Pan prequel, internet outrage (whether real or imagined) erupted on the usual chats and forums. There was even a petition to get Mara replaced. The actress understood… until she met with Wright and learned about his vision.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2015-04-14
7 Important Things You Need To Know About Pan
To help explain Wright’s vision for Pan, Warner Bros. invited us to a sprawling film set on the outskirts of London, where we ate with pirates, walked the planks of huge pirate ships, waved at Hugh Jackman, and learned the following about this summer’s Pan.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2015-04-14
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy Might Have A New Plan
Despite being based on a massively popular series of novels, David Fincher’s 2011 adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo underperformed. Since then, there’s been a great deal of talk about whether or not we’ll see the rest of the novels on screen, but now it looks like Sony has a plan in place.
Rooney Mara Brent McKnight 2015-04-08
Survival Drama Lion Putting Together A Fantastic Cast
You probably haven’t yet heard of Lion. The film recently wrapped in India and is ready to head on over to Australia in the weeks ahead. In light of this development, the film has been firming up its cast with a crop of truly impressive acting talents.
Rooney Mara Nick Romano 2015-04-07
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2 Probably Isn't Happening
When The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hit back in 2011, it seemed a foregone conclusion that David Fincher’s adaptation of the Swedish novel and film trilogy would get right to work on a second chapter. That, however, has yet to happen.
Rooney Mara Joseph Baxter 2015-02-24
Star Wars Spin-Off Looking At These Three Actresses
The original Star Wars trilogy was pretty damn light when it came to female characters, but the new generation of films looks to completely change that record.
Rooney Mara Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-20
Surprise: Terrence Malick's New Movie Sounds Really Weird
Terrence Malick sounds as if he is up to the same old weird and wonderful cinematic tricks again. But this time he has convinced Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman to come along for the ride too.
Rooney Mara Gregory Wakeman 2014-12-04
The Pan Trailer Is Magical, Adventurous And Visually Stunning
The director of such lush and mesmerizing epics as Atonement, Anna Karenina and Hanna puts a unique spin on the classic work of J.M. Barrie to portray young Peter Pan (newcomer Levi Miller) as a stolen orphan snatched by the crew of Blackbeard (Jackman) and transported on a wild and colorful adventure to Neverland.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2014-11-25
See Hugh Jackman Rock A Sweet Mustache In Pan's First Images
Joe Wright has been dabbling in period epics for some time now, having helmed such masterpieces as Atonement, Pride & Prejudice and Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley. On a recent set visit to the London shoot of Pan, he told us at length all the different ways that he wanted to reinterpret the fairy tale story of J.M. Barrie, and we get a hint of these changes in his approach to pirates and Peter.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2014-11-24
10 A-List Actors Who Gave Career-Defining Performances In A David Fincher Film
Ben Affleck’s impossibly comfortable turn as the self-centered Nick Dunne struck me as yet another combination of a perfect Fincher choice, followed by a seamless performance under the director’s watchful eye. And I realized it was the latest of many.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2014-10-08
Rooney Mara's Secret Role In The One I Love Revealed
The intriguing indie The One I Love is earning plenty of buzz for its central secret. Even after its rousing world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, critics raved about this inventive take on romantic comedies, yet wouldn't expose the clever cut-up's sly secrets. However, without spoiling anything, we can tell you one of secrets even those who seen it have missed.
Rooney Mara Kristy Puchko 2014-08-06
Online Petition Launched To Protest Rooney Mara's Casting In Pan
Now, let me say right here: Rooney Mara is remarkable. She is a talented actress, gorgeous and mesmerizing onscreen. That doesn't mean she can't be miscast.
Rooney Mara Kristy Puchko 2014-03-20
Rooney Mara In Talks To Play Tiger Lily In Joe Wright's Pan
Director Joe Wright's upcoming Peter Pan origin story Pan has not yet found the 10-12 year old actor who will play the titular role, but it has been busy putting together a fantastic supporting cast. We've already learned that Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund will be playing the pirates Blackbeard and Hook, respectively, but now Rooney Mara is in negotiations to play a character fans of the classic story will certainly recognize.
Rooney Mara Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-12
Rooney Mara Replaces Mia Wasikowska In Todd Haynes' Lesbian Romance Carol
Mara has replaced Wasikowska in Todd Haynes’ Carol, which he plans to start filming in Spring 2014. The movie is based on Patricia Highsmith’s lesbian love story. It was published in 1952 (under Highsmith’s pseudonym, Claire Morgan), and often goes by the rival title, The Price of Salt.
Rooney Mara Sean O'Connell 2013-08-30
Rooney Mara On 'Strong Female Characters' And The Embarrassing Movies She Hasn't Seen
Mara saw Lowery's previous short film and says she immediately fell for the script, in which she plays Ruth, one half of a criminal couple (opposite Casey Affleck) who are separated when he goes to jail, and she retreats home to raise their child. Five years later he's escaped and makes his way back to her, and though Ruth is a tough outlaw at heart and a devoted mom, she's not nearly the simple "tough female character" that Mara admits can be too limiting
Rooney Mara Katey Rich 2013-08-23
Ain't Them Bodies Saints Gets A Short Graphic Novel Prequel That You Can Read Right Now
Following in the footsteps of bigger budget films, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints received the graphic novel treatment, which Entertainment Weekly is awesomely hosting in its entirety. Isn’t it nice when filmmakers and production companies don’t feel the need to relieve us of our money for extra material?
Rooney Mara Nick Venable 2013-08-18
Why This Writer Hates Strong Female Characters, And You Should Too
Pointing out that there are strong female characters in recent films who are also completely interesting in their own right-- she cites Peggy Carter in Captain America, and I would stick up for Lisbeth Salander-- and acknowledging that the presence of the SFC recognizes sexism in culture, McDougall asks why movies don't do more to combat the sexism by actually including more female characters.
Rooney Mara Katey Rich 2013-08-15
Win Tickets To An Advance Screening Sundance Hit Ain't Them Bodies Saints
If you think the visuals in this summer's big movies have impressed you, just wait until you get a look at David Lowery's Ain't Them Bodies Saints. Without a single giant robot or skyscraper getting knocked over, Ain't Them Bodies Saints is easily one of the year's most visually impressive movies, crammed with the kind of lush cinematography and Texas locations that made Terrence Malick famous.
Rooney Mara Katey Rich 2013-08-08
Spike Jonze's Her Unveils Haunting Trailer That Goes Just To The Edge Of Creepy
Is it possible for a love story between a man and his computer to break your heart? If Spike Jonze has anything to do with it, yes. The first trailer for Jonze's first film in 4 years has debuted online, and you can either watch it above or in HD at Apple. It starts with tinkling piano music from Aphex Twin and only gets more plaintive from there
Rooney Mara Katey Rich 2013-08-07
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