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Super 8 Trailer Analysis: What Does The Super Bowl Teaser Reveal About Abrams' Film?
The first real trailer for Super 8 debuted during the Super Bowl tonight, and though it was only 30-seconds it told us more about the movie than
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2011-02-06
Secrets Of JJ Abrams' Super 8 Revealed: In-Depth Plot Details!
As far as the story itself, Super 8 will be set in Ohio in 1979. Itíll follow a group of friends pooling their resources to make a zombie movie. One night on set, the aforementioned
jj abrams Mack Rawden 2011-02-06
Still No Progress On Star Trek: The Next
Itís time for our monthly Star Trek sequel update in which weíre forced to tell you, once again, that nobody involved in the project really seems to be working on making it
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2011-01-13
Super 8 Is Still Super 8, Won't Be Retitled Darlings
We checked in with the folks at Paramount who tell us that not only will Super 8 not be retitled in the United States, itíll still go by Super 8 in Brazil as well. Apparently the title Darlings was something
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2011-01-06
Star Trek 2 Hints From Abrams, Kurtzman And Orci
True Star Trek fans have been wondering about what J.J. Abrams might do with the sequel from the second they finished their first viewing of the reboot last summer. Now that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
jj abrams Will LeBlanc 2010-09-13
Cloverfield Sequel Is Still A Top Priority
Nowadays most sequels just seem to be plays for more money, but thereís something about Cloverfield that warrants one and the filmís fans arenít the only ones who think so. Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams consider the sequel a top priority.
jj abrams Perri Nemiroff 2010-08-08
JJ Abrams And Rob Marshall In The Running To Direct Wicked
Apparently Platt, book writer Winnie Holzman and songwriter Stephen Schwartz are on the hunt for a director and JJ Abrams, James Mangold, Ryan Murphy and Rob Marshall are all in the running.
jj abrams Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-10
Uncover JJ Abrams' Secrets: Super 8 Trailer Arrives In HD
Shortly after premiering ahead of Iron Man 2, the top-secret trailer for JJ Abramís Super 8 hit the web. Didnít get to see it enough before the studio took it down?
jj abrams Perri Nemiroff 2010-05-11
Super 8 Viral Site Secrets...
Inside the Super 8 trailer, hidden in the flickering camera lens at the end was some text. Being an Abrams production naturally this text turned out to be a URL for viral site. We, like others
jj abrams Stuart Wood 2010-05-10
JJ Abrams' Secret Super 8 Trailer Arrives
If you made it to one of the midnight screenings of Iron Man 2 tonight in the United States, then you were among the first people on the planet to get a look at the secret movie project being created by JJ Abrams
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2010-05-07
JJ Abrams' Secret Super 8 Movie Is Not A Cloverfield Sequel
So what is it? Weíll find out Friday morning shortly after midnight when the filmís first trailer debuts in front of Iron Man 2 here in America. For now Abrams, as he did with Cloverfield
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2010-05-05
Cloverfield 2 Still Happening
In a world full of smurfy 3D blockbusters and giant, stomping robots Cloverfield feels almost, well, dated. But it probably wonít take much to reawaken fan interest and it looks like the sequel, despite a long time without much movement, is still go
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2010-01-17
The Next Star Trek Starts Filming And Being Awesome In 2010
There's nothing better than a geek-friendly franchise that doesn't take fifteen years to get made. Christopher Nolan is amazing and all, but don't we all wish that he would learn how to make two movies at once
jj abrams Tim Gomez 2009-12-29
Harlan Ellison Wants To Help Make Star Trek 2
If you donít already know who Harlan Ellison is feel free to attach the label of ďcrazy old manĒ and click on to something else. Heís a revered science fiction writer with a penchant for cranky peculiarity. He also once wrote an episode
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2009-12-01
Shatner's Missing Kirk Scene From Star Trek Finally Revealed
Even before Star Trek was released early last summer, there were rumors about William Shatnerís supposed involvement. First, he was signed on, then he wasnít, then J.J. Abrams came out and said he offered the part but Shatner wasnít interested
jj abrams Tim Gomez 2009-11-24
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