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The Word On Alien 5 From Neill Blomkamp Isn't Great
If you were really hoping for Alien 5 to be hitting theater screens any time soon, you may want to make other plans. Read the latest from Neill Blomkamp himself, inside.
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Jurassic World 2 Has Cast One Of Its New Female Leads
Jurassic World 2 has slowly been gathering the new folks who will be accompanying Christ Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, and one of the more integral individuals in the story will be played by this actress.
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Kong: Skull Island Has A Subtle, Yet Clever, Callback To Godzilla's History
One of the Kong: Skull Island commercials currently airing shows a subtle reference to the giant fire-breathing reptile that the ape will clash with in the near future. Take a look ahead!
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5 Sundance Movies You Are Going To Want To See When They Open Near You
This year's Sundance Film Festival kicked off on Thursday, January 19, meaning we have had nearly a week to process the hype on several of the films that have screened since opening night.
The Predator May Be Adding A Punisher Star
Over the last couple months, The Predator has been building a solid cast, and if all goes well, they'll soon be adding an actor who has experience in the world of Marvel's The Punisher.
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Why Luke Skywalker Has To Be The Last Jedi
After months, if not years, of speculation, we finally know what Star Wars: Episode VIII will be called. Of course, now the debate begins over what it means. Who is the Last Jedi?
The Reason Princess Leia Was At The Battle Of Scarif In Rogue One
One of Rogue One's biggest surprises was seeing Princess Leia Organa at the Battle of Scarif, and now we finally have clarification for why she was there.
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Godzilla 2 Has Hired The Perfect Horror Director, And We Are Psyched
It was all the way back in May of last year that it was announced director Gareth Edwards would no longer be taking the helm of the upcoming Godzilla 2. Since then we've wondered exactly who would be the person to replace him, and now it seems we have our answer.
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Jake Gyllenhaal Explains How Gravity Is A Real Villain In The Sci-Fi Thriller Life
While Life's main villain might be the specimen that they find on Mars, Jake Gyllenhaal insists that there are many other reasons to be terrified.
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The Funny Way Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson Learned The Plot Of Avengers: Infinity War
When thinking about the inner workings of Marvel Studios, it's easy to imagine a small cabal of creative executives and filmmakers all sharing secrets and quietly building every future step of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That really isn't the case, however.
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This Rings Prank Is An Absolute A+, Watch It Now
First you watch it. Then you die. Especially if that crazy witch is climbing out of a television set that's right in front of you.
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10 Oscar Locks And Longshots We're Tracking For Tuesday Morning
This week, the class of 2016 will make its way to the final hurdle: the Oscar nominations. Who's a sure bet to clear the bar, and who looks like they're having trouble? We'll tell you who we think is on either side of the fence, inside.
Split Filmed Multiple Versions Of Its Ending, Here's What That Means
M. Night Shyamalan's Split had an amazingly bonkers ending. Now it appears that more than one was filmed, making the director's choices even more important.
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Why The Star Wars Episode 8 Logo Has Us Questioning The Next Chapter
There's a subtle difference in Star Wars: Episode VIII's logo that has us questioning if this means something especially big is on the way.
Why M. Night Shyamalyan Went With Split's Shocking Ending
SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains absolutely massive spoilers for the end of M. Night Shyamalan's Split. If you have not yet seen the film, and don't wish to know any details about the movie, please bookmark this link and return to this feature after your screening!
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How To Fix The Terminator Franchise In Six Easy Steps
The Terminator franchise is currently on life support after some lackluster sequels, but there are six easy ways to get it back on track.
Life Cast: Who Is Joining Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal On This Deadly Space Mission?
Here's a breakdown of the all-star cast of the upcoming thriller Life, and their roles on the International Space Station.
What Does Star Wars: The Last Jedi Mean?
We've spent years referring to director Rian Johnson's debut in the Star Wars universe simply as "Episode VIII," but the mystery regarding the movie's title has come to an end. But what does The Last Jedi mean?
Here’s Why Logan Was Slapped With An R-Rating From The MPAA
We've known for awhile that Hugh Jackman's last movie as Wolverine was shooting for an R-rating. While there was every indication that the movie would achieve that goal. It's now official.
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The Incredible, And Strange, Challenges Filming In Zero-G Caused For The Life Cast
Life is set to possess the same pulsating yet fraught tension and compelling storytelling of Gravity and The Martian, but is all in zero-gravity, too
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5 Sundance Movies You Are Going To Want To See When They Open Near You
Why Luke Skywalker Has To Be The Last Jedi
10 Oscar Locks And Longshots We're Tracking For Tuesday Morning

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