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See The Original Power Rangers Reunite At The Premiere For The New Movie
The original Power Rangers reunited at the premiere of the highly anticipated reboot. Check it out, and prepare to experience an immense wave of nostalgia.
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The 10 Best Disney Animated Sidekicks, Ranked
Disney has some seriously memorable characters, but now's the time for the sidekicks to take the spotlight. Be they a talking animal or snowman, here is our list of the ranked 10 best Disney sidekicks!
Why IT’s Pennywise Is Different Than Other Movie Monsters
Pennywise is a movie monster who is single-handedly responsible for an entire generation's fear of clowns. You'd think a villain with that sort of power is something special, and the director of the new movie would agree.
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How World War Z 2 Can Avoid Being Terrible
World War Z debuted to mixed audience reactions back in 2013. Here's how the sequel can live up to the potential of the source material.
How Much Netflix Is Shelling Out For Original Movies
If you've been keeping any tabs on Netflix over the past few years, you should be aware that Netflix has been seriously ramping up its original programming. But that costs.
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What Really Happened When Ryan Gosling Got The Giggles During The Oscar Flub
The Best Picture screw up at this year's Academy Awards is still a topic of conversation a month later. However, today we're talking not about the screw-up, but about the way that Ryan nGosling reacted to it.
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Why Star Wars Rogue One Made A Major Change To Jyn Erso's Mom
We know that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a very different movie once upon a time. We've learned in great detail how the ending went through changes. However, it turns out the beginning was once very different as well.
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6 Beauty And The Beast Questions The New Movie Finally Answers
The original animated Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is, in many ways, a perfect film. However, the story isn't without a handful of plot holes. The new version seemed to know this going in, and it did its part to answer some of our more burning questions.
Star Wars: Rogue One's Ending And A New Hope's Beginning Have Finally Been Blended Together Perfectly
The closing minutes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lead directly into the opening moments of the original Star Wars: A New Hope. Now, one fan has taken the two sequences and put them together so that we can all see just how well they work together.
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The Major Way Beauty And The Beast Has Already Surpassed The Original
Beauty and the Beast has taken the classic tale and twisted it, to considerable success. Here's the latest benchmark it hit.
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Aquaman Dominates New Justice League Footage As Trailer Prepares To Drop
Thanks to YouTube user Aon Flux, we have a low-res look at new footage from Zack Snyder's upcoming and hotly anticipated Justice League film.
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The Shocking Number Of Times Trevante Rhodes Has Watched Moonlight
When I ask this question, it regularly gets mixed results -- with some filmmakers and actors admitting that they avoid revising their own work -- but this was the first time I ever talked to somebody who expressed as much passion about something of which they've been a part.
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Is Thor's Arm In Danger Once Again In Ragnarok?
Thor has a history of getting his hand/arm chopped off both, but will it happen later this year in Thor: Ragnarok?
The Amazing Way Chris Pratt Is Hyping Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
Chris Pratt has written a lengthy post detailing why everyone needs to go and see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and it's hilarious.
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This 3 Minute Claymation Short Film Will Be The Creepiest Thing You Watch Today
We can almost guarantee that this claymation short film will be the creepiest video you come across today while browsing the internet.
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Two More Spider-Man Characters Are Getting Their Own Spinoff
Less than a week after it was announced that the Venom movie will be released in late 2018, now another Spider-Man spinoff is in the works.
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Why Rebecca Ferguson Originally Turned Down Life, And Why She Reconsidered
In the filmmaking world, the director's vision means everything. No matter how great a script is, it still needs to be executed properly in order to be turned into a great film. This is exactly what hung in the balance as Rebecca Ferguson was considering whether or not to be a part of the new sci-fi thriller Life.
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What Woody Harrelson Taught Laura Dern While Working On Wilson
Woody Harrelson isn't just an actor, he's a teacher, too, as he taught Laura Dern something important during their time together on Wilson.
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Ian McKellen Is Playing Gandalf Again, But Not In The Way You’d Expect
One of Ian McKellen's best known roles is as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, and now he's reprising the character under different circumstances.
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Rainn Wilson Wants to Play A Bond Villain, And We're Actually On Board With That
Rainn Wilson told CinemaBlend that he wants to play a villain in a James Bond movie, and we're surprisingly into the idea.
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The 10 Best Disney Animated Sidekicks, Ranked
How World War Z 2 Can Avoid Being Terrible
6 Beauty And The Beast Questions The New Movie Finally Answers

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