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This Rotten Week: Predicting Birth Of The Dragon And Leap Reviews

The fall is so close that we can practically feel the cool breezes and see the leaves shaking in anticipation of changing - but before we get there we still have another late summer weekend to slog through.

Watch An R2 Unit Meet A Grisly Fate In This Han Solo Movie Video

Ron Howard has shared another image from the Han Solo set, but this one isn't for the droid-loving faint of heart!

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Famed Producer Joel Silver And Silver Pictures Sued After Employee's Death

A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court lists producer Joel Silver among its defendants.

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Will Maz Kanata Be In The Han Solo Movie?

The still-untitled Han Solo movie has been coming together in recent months, now under the watchful eyes of Ron Howard, but did a spoiler break?

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One Superhero Crossover That Sounds Like A Great Idea, According To Ryan Reynolds

There's one crossover in particular to which Ryan Reynolds appears particularly receptive.

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Comedy Legend Jerry Lewis Is Dead At 91

The world has lost Jerry Lewis as word breaks that the legendary comedian and humanitarian has passed away today at age 91.

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The Hitman's Bodyguard Box Office: Ryan Reynolds And Samuel L. Jackson Take Down Logan Lucky

This weekend's big new releases were all about laughs, but one of the two titles managed to do a lot more business than the other.

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Why The Uncharted Movie Will Be An Origin Story, According To The Director

Director Shawn Levy has a vision for how he's going to bring the hit video game franchise Uncharted to the big screen and he explains why an origin story is the right move for what he's planning.

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David Hasselhoff Wants To Make His Knight Rider Movie Just Like Logan

Inspired by Hugh Jackman in Logan, David Hasselhoff has quite an interesting idea about how he'd like to return as Knight Rider's Michael Knight for one last adventure on the big screen.

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See The First Look At Broadway’s Frozen Cast In Costume

Frozen has been an absolute juggernaut that has conquered movie screens and the hearts of children, now the blockbuster sets its sights on the stage. We have the first look at the Broadway cast and they look perfect.

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One Way Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Improve On The Original

Godzilla and King Kong already butted heads in 1962 but the upcoming 2020 remake is looking to offer fans something that the original film never did.

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Sunset Boulevard Is Getting An Update, Here's Who May Lead It

Sunset Boulevard is coming back to theaters, and sources claim they've found pretty much the perfect person to lead the new project.

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The Hilarious Way Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranked Everyone Filming Terminator 2

Although he keeps a straight face for most of the movie, James Cameron recently revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a total prankster on the set of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

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IT Has An 8-Bit Game, Play It Now

The upcoming IT adaptation has released a brand new 8-bit video game ahead of the film's release, and it's scary addictive.

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Why Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Probably Be Dark, According To The Director

It's a little tricky to nail down the tone of a brawl between two gigantic monsters, but this is probably why director Adam Wingard is going to make his Godzilla vs. Kong movie go dark.

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How Netflix Saved The Death Note Movie, According To The Director

Adam Wingard's Death Note went through an intense journey to end up at Netflix. Here's how it happened.

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The Conjuring Franchise Just Hit A Major Milestone

With the recent release of David F. Sandberg's Annabelle: Creation, The Conjuring franchise has just achieved a massive cinematic milestone.

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Original Predator Actor Sonny Landham Has Died At 76

Best known for starring in the original Predator film, actor Sonny Landham has passed away at 76.

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Details About The Deadpool 2 Accident That Killed A Stuntwoman

New details have just been released regarding Deadpool 2's on set tragedy.

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How IT's Director Feels About The Original Miniseries

For more than two decades, the IT TV miniseries was the only adaptation Stephen King fans had of his horror novel. Here's how Andres Muschietti, director of the upcoming IT movie, feels about that miniseries.

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