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What Happened To Election's Tracy Flick, According To Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon proved that she was one of Hollywood’s most promising young talents with her stupendous turn as the devilishly ambitious Tracy Flick in Alexander Payne’s 1999 drama-comedy, Election. But what does she think would have happened to Flick if her story had continued? Well, it turns out, Witherspoon actually has a pretty good idea of where her character might have ended up.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-30
Ben Affleck's Son Doesn’t Want To Hear The Batman Voice, He Only Wants To Hear This
If Ben Affleck were my dad, I would be pretty damn stoked that he is playing Batman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, we're not only talking about one of the most legendary superheroes of all time, but one of the greatest, most badass fictional characters ever made. I'm sure that there are many fans out there who would agree with me 100% on this, but Ben Affleck's real two-year-old son is not among them.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-30
Two Different Films Probably Want Emma Watson To Play The Exact Same Role
It looks as though Emma Watson has got some serious thinking to do. While the Harry Potter actress is currently attached to star in Warner Bros.’ troubled Beauty and the Beast adaptation, the fact that Steven Chbosky has signed up to scribe Disney’s own planned reworking of the classic fairy-tale now creates the interesting possibility that she could wind up moving to the competing project.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-30
How Hugh Jackman Almost Severed His Own Penis On The X-Men Set
Hugh Jackman has talked extensively before about how playing Wolverine in both the X-Men and the solo movies has cost him a lot of delicious, unhealthy meals, but apparently, on the set of Days Of Future Past it almost cost him a whole lot more. Specifically, it almost cost him his penis.
MOVIE NEWS Mack Rawden 2014-09-30
Metropolis Is Going To Look A Lot Like This American City In Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is set to return to the old stomping grounds of both Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies to turn one of the Midwest's great cities into Metropolis for four or five days in early November.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-30
No One Wants Hellboy 3 More Than Ron Perlman, Here's Why
You think you're the only fan who wants Hellboy III to happen? Tell that to its biggest champion at the moment: Ron Perlman himself.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-09-30
5 Reasons Batman v Superman May Let Wayne Manor Fall To Ruins
Batman v Superman is reportedly getting ready to shoot scenes in what could wind up being Wayne Manor. This story, however, comes with a twist. The house that is said to be in use is a rather decrepit old brick building with boarded windows and an unkempt lawn. Obviously this isn’t a typical description of the stately manor from DC Comics, but it could tell us something interesting about what Zack Snyder and his crew are doing with their incarnation of Dark Knight.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-30
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Concept Art Shows Dinobot Battles, New Look At Galvatron
We've gotten a look at some exclusive concept art that is part of the Transformers: Age Of Extinction special features, showcasing everything from the film's climatic Dinobot battle to Galvatron himself!
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-09-30
Batman v Superman Is Probably Going To Use This Unusual House As Wayne Manor
I’m surprised there aren’t more official news reports out of Detroit – like the following, which believes it is giving us our first look at stately Wayne Manor, located (coincidentally) on Alfred street in downtown Motown.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-09-30
The Bourne Franchise Is Setting Itself Up For A Huge Event Film
In this post-Avengers, Batman v Superman world, team ups in major franchises are the norm. If there’s a good story bringing Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner together, we should get it done.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-09-30
This Rotten Week: Predicting Gone Girl, Annabelle And Left Behind Reviews
With the fall season having finally arrived, Hollywood is picking up the pace and three new flicks hitting the screen this weekend - including another much-anticipated David Fincher-directed adaptation of a best-seller. This week we’ve got girls going gone, dolls getting crazy and people being left behind.
FEATURE Doug Norrie 2014-09-30
Why The New Tetris Movie Is A Terrible Sign For Hollywood
I know. You hear there's going to be a Tetris movie, and instinctively roll your eyes while bellowing, "Hollywood has officially run out of ideas." I hear you. But it gets worse, because Hollywood thinks this is the thing that will turn around low theater attendance. Things are the new stars, don't you know.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-09-30
Don't Expect A New David Fincher Movie Anytime Soon, Here's Why
David Fincher’s Gone Girl, which opens in theaters on Friday, is the director’s tenth movie. But because we are greedy Fincher fans, we immediately want to know what film he’s working on next. Well, I have some bad news.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-09-30
Watch Bryan Mills Kill Everyone In The Taken 3 Trailer
The cops arrive, and he’s accused of murdering… someone in the bed. Is that Janssen’s character? But Mills has a murder to solve, so the rest of the trailer shows how the usual hunter now will play the hunted as the story of Taken draws to an eventual close.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-09-30
Why Movie Theaters Are About To Wage War On Netflix
Recently, The Weinstein Company announced plans to partner with Netflix on a unique distribution model for the anticipated sequel, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2. The news, however, didn’t go over well with everyone in the industry.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-09-30
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