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Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel May Contain Forced Gay Sex
New details on Ridley Scottís Alien prequel have emerged and early word is that even though itís nothing like the original four films, the script by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof
alien Josh Tyler 2010-10-20
James Franco And Anne Hathaway Added To List Of Potentials For Alien
The next big step now that the movie has a few bucks to throw around is casting, and thereís plenty of people interested, the latest of which come in the form of James Franco and Anne Hathaway
alien Will LeBlanc 2010-10-19
Details About Alien Prequel Revealed, Fox Wants Natalie Portman To Star
Natalie Portman has been incredibly in demand as of late. Earning Oscar-worthy buzz for her performance in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, the actress has been getting looked at for Gravity, Superman and The
alien Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-12
Gemma Arterton Starring In A Christopher Nolan Script, And Maybe The Alien Prequel?
Gemma Arterton is starring in a new Christopher Nolan movie! There, do I have your attention? OK, then it's time to come clean a little. The movie
alien Katey Rich 2010-09-06
Ridley Scott Hints That His Aliens Were Created In A Lab As A Weapon
In theory Ridley Scott is working on making an Alien prequel. But if you look at his IMDB page youíll see itís just one of more than thirty films
alien Josh Tyler 2010-09-05
Blade Runner Writer Handling Forever War Script For Ridley Scott
A fourth rewrite is not a great sign, and Scott has plenty else on his plate-- including the Alien prequel-- to keep him ignoring this one for many more years to come
alien Katey Rich 2010-08-04
Lost's Damon Lindelof May Write The Alien Prequel For Ridley Scott
How could he possibly earn the envy of even more nerds? There was pretty much only one more option, and he's pulled it off: he's writing a new Alien movie
alien Katey Rich 2010-07-28
Ridley Scott Talks Up His Alien Prequels
Everyone will recognize the space jockey, if not by name then by looks. The space jockey is the being found in the crashed alien vessel in Alien before the facehugger plants its seed
alien Will LeBlanc 2010-06-14
Carl Rinsch May Direct The New Logan's Run For Warner Bros.
The piece of work that got Rinsch all this attention-- aside from his associations with Ridley Scott, of course-- was the short film/commercial called "The Gift," a sci-fi tinged piece that you can watch
alien Katey Rich 2010-05-26
Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Will Be About The Space Jockey
The movie will be set in the year 2085, thirty years before the events of Alien and Ripleyís first encounter with the multi-mouthed beastie. Ridley explains
alien Josh Tyler 2010-04-23
Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Will Be In 3D
Shadowlocked has confirmed with the film's art director Roger Christian that the film will be shot in 3D. I know, I know: duh. But he also had some encouraging things to say about the film, including his hopes for a trilogy
alien Katey Rich 2010-03-05
Ridley Scott Makes Vague Promises About Alien Prequel
We'd all been assuming thus far that the movie would be entirely about aliens, but talking to Empire, Scott seemed to promise that he's full of surprises
alien Katey Rich 2009-10-29
Ridley Scott Returns To Alien
The rumors and the dreams of a million fanboys have come true. Ridley Scott is returning to the Alien franchise. Heíll do it with a prequel being written for 20th Century Fox by Jon Spaihts
alien Josh Tyler 2009-07-30
Tony Scott Updates Us On Tons Of His Upcoming Projects
While we spent a lot of time talking about The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, which opens today, Scott was also happy to talk about other projects past and present, from his directing debut Hunger to the character-driven piece he's working on with Mickey Rourke
alien Katey Rich 2009-06-12
Fox Wants Ridley Scott, And Only Ridley, To Direct Alien Prequel
Fox, unsurprisingly, would rather have the father of the franchise come back to revive it. They want Ridley Scott, not Rinsch, directing, and won't greenlight the project unless Ridley is at the helm
alien Katey Rich 2009-06-09
Alien Prequel Confirmed
Even though the idea of creating a prequel to explain away the origins of the Aliens is a pretty horrible idea, maybe thereís a silver lining here. At least Ridley Scott is somewhat involved. Itís his production company thatís behind it
alien Josh Tyler 2009-05-29
Alien Next To Be Deconstructed By Remakes And Prequels?
Itís no secret that Fox is looking for a way to refresh the Alien franchise after the depressing state it was left in by the Alien vs. Predator debacle. Fox may be planning simply to remake the original Alien movie
alien Josh Tyler 2009-05-28
Ridley Scott Toying With Alien Prequel Ideas
After the way things turned out with the Alien vs Predator franchise, itís hard to be enthusiastic about anyone doing more with either iconic monster. But Robert Rodriguez has been given free reign to remake Predator
alien Josh Tyler 2009-04-29
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