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Ridley Scott Returns To Alien
The rumors and the dreams of a million fanboys have come true. Ridley Scott is returning to the Alien franchise. Heíll do it with a prequel being written for 20th Century Fox by Jon Spaihts
alien Josh Tyler 2009-07-30
Tony Scott Updates Us On Tons Of His Upcoming Projects
While we spent a lot of time talking about The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, which opens today, Scott was also happy to talk about other projects past and present, from his directing debut Hunger to the character-driven piece he's working on with Mickey Rourke
alien Katey Rich 2009-06-12
Fox Wants Ridley Scott, And Only Ridley, To Direct Alien Prequel
Fox, unsurprisingly, would rather have the father of the franchise come back to revive it. They want Ridley Scott, not Rinsch, directing, and won't greenlight the project unless Ridley is at the helm
alien Katey Rich 2009-06-09
Alien Prequel Confirmed
Even though the idea of creating a prequel to explain away the origins of the Aliens is a pretty horrible idea, maybe thereís a silver lining here. At least Ridley Scott is somewhat involved. Itís his production company thatís behind it
alien Josh Tyler 2009-05-29
Alien Next To Be Deconstructed By Remakes And Prequels?
Itís no secret that Fox is looking for a way to refresh the Alien franchise after the depressing state it was left in by the Alien vs. Predator debacle. Fox may be planning simply to remake the original Alien movie
alien Josh Tyler 2009-05-28
Ridley Scott Toying With Alien Prequel Ideas
After the way things turned out with the Alien vs Predator franchise, itís hard to be enthusiastic about anyone doing more with either iconic monster. But Robert Rodriguez has been given free reign to remake Predator
alien Josh Tyler 2009-04-29
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