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Operation Kino 78: Lawless And The Summer Movie Patches Matches Game You've Been Waiting For
This week on Operation Kino, we're once again down a Da7e, and this time swap him out for Jenni Miller, writer at Film.com, Bust and many other fine establishments. We review the new John Hillcoat drama Lawless, then move on to the newest installment of everyone's favorite game, Patches Matches, which helps us wrap up the summer movie season
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-08-31
Operation Kino 77: The Unsettling Compliance And The Odd Process Of Mourning Filmmakers
This week on Operation Kino, we've lost track of Da7e, but bring in as backup Sean O'Connell, who claims to be slowly Black Swan-ing Da7e anyway, so it's pretty much the same as usual. We review the unsettling new indie Compliance, then get into a conversation about the process of mourning filmmakers
OpKino Katey Rich 2012-08-24
Operation Kino 76: We Love ParaNorman And Dig Deep Into Kickstarter
This week on Operation Kino, we struggle onward after Matt Patches's tragic death in the Quarter Quell to review ParaNorman (it's also possible Patches is on vacation! Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion next week!) The three of us remaining also get into a lightning round inspired by The Odd Life of Timothy Green
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-08-17
Operation Kino 75: The Storytelling Quarter Quell
This week on Operation Kino we're changing up the format for our third Quarter Quell, celebrating our 75th episode by revisiting movies from our past that come with a particularly good story attached. No tidbits this week, no dessert, just a lightning round then storytelling, in which Katey revisits a rainy night in Amsterdam spent watching Charade
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-08-10
Operation Kino 74: The 50 Greatest Movies Ever, Plus Total Recall
This week on Operation Kino we're escaping the drudgery of our regular podcasting lives by implanting false memories of glorious podcasts past, as we review the new remake of Total Recall. From there we jump into a conversation about the recent announcement of the Sight & Sound Top 10
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-08-03
Operation Kino 73: The Manic Pixie Ruby Sparks And Nitpicking The Dark Knight Rises
This week on Operation Kino we're in full Manic Pixie Dream Girl mode as we review the new rom-com Ruby Sparks. From there we talk about some of the reactions to The Dark Knight Rises that have gone into full-on nitpick mode, and wonder if picking apart a film's plot is really just a way to criticize something you expected to love
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-07-25
Operation Kino 72: The Dark Knight Rises And Comic Con 2012 In Review
This week on Operation Kino, we're reviewing the most anticipated movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises. From there we move on to a recap of this year's San Diego Comic Con, filling David in on what he missed by not attending, and going over the stuff we liked despite being exhausted from being marketed to for four days straight
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-07-20
Operation Kino 71: Pulpy Savages And The Latest Installment Of OpKino Indie!
This week on Operation Kino, we're finally taking the time to go over Oliver Stone's Savages, which came out the same week as The Amazing Spider-Man and is probably three times as insane. From there we bring you a new installment of Op Kino Indie, in which Da7e talks to producer Caitlin Burns about transmedia storytelling
OpKino Katey Rich 2012-07-14
Operation Kino 70: The Less-Than-Amazing Spider-Man
This week on Operation Kino, we're totally throwing you off by releasing an episode on a Tuesday! Today marks the pre-Independence Day release of The Amazing Spider-Man, so we've got a podcast in which we review the movie in detail, both without spoilers and then eventually with them (don't worry, we warn you)
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-07-03
Operation Kino 69: Shakin' It To Magic Mike And 2012 In Review
This week on Operation Kino we're waxing our chests and strapping on G-strings, as we review the new Steven Soderbergh/Channing Tatum male stripper movie Magic Mike. From there we look over the year so far, pointing out our favorite and least favorite movies of the year so far
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-06-29
Operation Kino 68: Boys vs. Girls On Brave
This week on Operation Kino we're grabbing our bows and arrows and riding through the glen with our hair flowing in the breeze, as we review the new Pixar effort Brave. From there we talk about an issue that comes up a little bit in conversations about Brave
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-06-22
Operation Kino 67: Rock Of Ages Stops Believin', And Indie Filmmakers Strike Back
This week on Operation Kino we're donning elaborate wigs and singing songs into Malin Akerman's ass as we review the new jukebox musical Rock of Ages. From there we get into a conversation about the recent flap over Lola Versus and its directors challenging the critics who didn't like their movie
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-06-15
Operation Kino 66: Prometheus Reviewed And Discussed In Detail
This week on Operation Kino we're taking our very hubristically named spaceship and heading off into the great beyond, as we review the new sci-fi epic Prometheus. And because this movie is so big and complicated, we devote Segment 3 to a more detailed and spoiler-filled conversation about the film and the many questions it leaves unanswered
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-06-08
Operation Kino #65: Snow White And The Huntsman Is A Bad Fairy Tale Movie, So What's A Good One?
This week on Operation Kino, we've wandered into the dark forest with the help of a conveniently available white horse, as we review the new fairy tale adaptation Snow White and the Huntsman. From there we get into a surprisingly contentious conversation about modern-day takes on fairy tales
OpKino Op Kino 2012-06-01
Operation Kino Podcast #64: An Adventure With Moonrise Kingdom And Kevin Smith
This week on Operation Kino, we've packed some stolen library books, a cat in a basket and a lifetime's supply of blue eyeshadow, as we embark on the child-sized adventure that is Wes Anderson's new film Moonrise Kingdom. From there we go on to discuss Kevin Smith's new review show for Hulu, and how his anti-critic attitude might be becoming more mainstream
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-05-25
Operation Kino #63: The Dumb Glory Of Battleship And The Death Of Modern Satire
This week on Operation Kino, we're firing a missile at B-6 and taking out your destroyer, as we review the biggest board game adaptation of all time, Battleship. From there we get into a discussion inspired by The Dictator, about modern satire and whether or not anybody is trying to make them anymore
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-05-18
Operation Kino #62: On Dark Shadows And The Decline Of Tim Burton
This week on Operation Kino we're so sick of Tim Burton we can't even be bothered to review his new movie, Dark Shadows. Instead we hand over the review segment to two very good new indies, Sound of My Voice and Sleepless Night, and then hand over Segment 3 to Mr. Burton, specifically in trying to figure out how his career went wrong and if it might get better
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-05-11
Operation Kino #61: Reviewing And Digging Deep Into The Avengers
This week on Operation Kino we're assembling our own team of earth's mightiest heroes, as we review first the superhero movie that every single one of us like, The Avengers. From there we jump into a conversation about where the Marvel movies might be headed after The Avengers
OpKino Katey Rich 2012-05-04
Operation Kino #60: The Meandering Five-Year Engagement And The Changing Moviegoing Experience
This week on Operation Kino we're dragging our heels on our way to the altar, as all four of us have actually seen and gather to review The Five-Year Engagement. From there we pick up on some of the chatter from the movie theater owner trade convention Cinema Con and talk about some of the proposed changes for movie theaters, and whether or not it makes sense to freak out every time they try to change something about the moviegoing experience
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-04-27
Operation Kino #59: The Lucky One, Chimpanzee, And The Ongoing Segregation Of Hollywood
This week on Operation Kino we're cuing up the soft focus and the Tim Allen narration as we review both the Zac Efron weepie The Lucky One and the new nature documentary Chimpanzee. From there we launch into a conversation inspired by another of the week's new releases, Think Like A Man
OpKino Operation Kino 2012-04-20
Operation Kino #58: Cabin In The Woods Reviewed And Discussed With Director Drew Goddard
This week on Operation Kino we're ignoring all the warning signs and spending the weekend in a rundown shack, as we review Cabin in the Woods. As you might have heard it's hard to talk about this movie without spoilers, so after a brief introduction we delve into big spoilers for the movie
OpKino Op Kino 2012-04-13
OpKino Indie #1: Best Friends Forever Filmmaker Brea Grant
OPKINO: INDIE exists so I can share with you what I feel is special about filmmaking: the drive to make your project happen despite the odds. We all are familiar with how the big studios push content in front of our faces, what about those people that are starting out? What's it like to eat only Pop Tarts and be the only gaffer? How much of your soul do you give away fundraising for your passion project?
OpKino Da7e 2012-04-09
Operation Kino #57: American Reunion Brings The Nostalgia, Plus The First-Ever Op Kino Indie Interview
This week on Operation Kino we're totally stuck in adolescence, flashing back to the 90s to review American Reunion. From there we have a Segment 3 that's a preview of our occasional spinoff Op Kino Indie, in which Da7e talks to independent filmmaker Brea Grant about her movie
OpKino Op Kino 2012-04-06
Operation Kino #56: Mirror Mirror Is More Than Fair, And Cheers And Jeers For 2012 So Far
This week on Operation Kino, we're all the fairest of them all, as we review Tarsem's new fairy tale Mirror Mirror. From there we take a moment to look back at the year so far, picking our Cheers and Jeers from what we've seen of 2012
OpKino Op Kino 2012-03-30
Operation Kino #55: The Hunger Games Emerges Victorious, And We Take On The Dreaded Shakycam
This week on Operation Kino, the odds are ever in The Hunger Games's favor, as three of our four hosts pretty much liked the adaptation of the hugely successful book, and Davidů well, you can find out how he feels in our review of the movie
OpKino Op Kino 2012-03-23
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