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The Deadpool Movie: What We Know So Far
The good news is that retribution for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is on the way. After years of being stuck in development hell because of studio executives with no vision for the potential of comic book movies, Deadpool is actually moving forward. 20th Century Fox has officially announced that the movie will be released on February 12, 2016 Ė which means that production will start up within the next six months.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-10-08
What Ryan Reynolds Stole From The Deadpool Set
Deadpool finished filming this past May, and to commemorate its conclusion, Ryan Reynolds took something from the set he definitely wasnít supposed to.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-10-01
How Deadpool Is Different From Other Superhero Movies, According To Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool has a lot separating it from most other superhero movies, from its R rating to its fourth wall-breaking anti-hero protagonist. Now Ryan Reynolds has called attention to this key difference as well.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-09-21
Colossus Is In Deadpool More Than We Thought
We already know that while Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson will headline 2016ís Deadpool he will be far from the only Marvel character to appear in the affair. Now it seems that the film itself will flesh the character out more than we had previously realized.
deadpool Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-20
Fox Is Planning An X-Men, Deadpool and Gambit Crossover, Get The Latest
Although itís been confirmed that all X-Men films and spinoffs will take place in the same world, itís been unclear how much these characters will be interacting with each other, but now weíve learned there will be official crossovers in the future.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-09-15
The Fan-Favorite X-Men Mutant Days Of Future Past Was Planning To Use
Simon Kinberg has admitted that he originally wanted to include Cable in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but there just wasn't enough room.
deadpool Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-15
Deadpool's Shoutout To The Golden Girls Is Perfect
Bea Arthur sadly passed away back in 2009, but that fact has not stopped the love of her number one fan: Deadpool. The Merc With The Mouth's passion for the actress has been a running gag in comics for years, and while he has fallen hard for many others, one could argue that she is his true love.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-14
Deadpool Is Going To Take Advantage Of Its R-Rating
By all accounts, 20th Century Fox is taking full advantage of Deadpoolís R rating, and it will be the violent and profanity-laced adventure that fans have been waiting for.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-09-14
10 Great Heroes And Villains Marvel Still Doesn't Have The Rights To
Weíve drafted this list of the most notable heroes and villains that Marvel canít use right now in their films and whether or not these characters should stay where they are or get back to Marvel Studios as soon as possible.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-09-14
Deadpool Should Have The Funniest Outtakes, If We Ever Get To See Them
As many of those great moments as the movie may have, it seems that what will be on the screen will only represent a mere fraction of the witty lines that Ryan Reynolds wound up improving and unleashing on set during production.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-28
Donald Trump As Deadpool Is The Most Bizarrely Satisfying Trailer You'll Ever See
Nobody enjoys a good mash-up like we do, and this one is for the ages. Donald Trump wants to clean up America, right? Well, if he lived in the comic book world, he would have options beyond running for President in order to make that happen.
deadpool Dirk Libbey 2015-08-27
Why X-Men Solo Movies Really Donít Work, According To Shawn Ashmore
Weíve only had two solo X-Men movies so far ó X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine, one of which was a major disaster. However, one X-Men actor isnít convinced the solo X-Men movies are always viable.
deadpool Nick Romano 2015-08-19
Watch Captain America Edited As A Deadpool Movie, Which Works Better Than It Should
They both come from Marvel, but Captain America and Deadpool could not be more different. So imagine how surprising it is to see a Captain America movie trailer edited to feel like next yearís Deadpool film.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-08-14
Hero Blend #70: The State Of The Comic Book Movie 2015
With the release of Josh Trankís Fantastic Four in theaters, the comic book movie season for 2015 has officially come to a close. Itís been a very interesting year for the genre.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-14
Fantastic Four 2 May Be Dropped For Deadpool 2
The Fantastic Four reboot is currently going over like a lead balloon at the box office and the bad press that has been hounding the film since production hasnít stopped with the filmís release. But what about the already announced Fantastic Four 2?
deadpool Dirk Libbey 2015-08-09
Why X-Men's Colossus Turned Down The Same Role In Deadpool
Deadpool will be in theaters next February. As for Daniel Cudmore, he will be part of Warcraft, but isnít expected to show up in X-Men: Apocalypse. Our loss?
deadpool Sean O'Connell 2015-08-07
Deadpool Had To Cut One Comic Character Because He Was Too Expensive
Tim Miller's Deadpool is expected to be chock full of characters from Marvel Comics beyond the titular star, including appearances from Weasel (T.J. Miller), Blind Al (Leslie Uggams), Angel Dust (Gina Carano) and more. What you probably don't know, however, is that list was originally going to include the comic book mercenary Garrison Kane as well.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-06
If Deadpool 2 Happens, The Franchise Will Add A Beloved Character
There are a few notable characters from Deadpoolís supporting cast who didnít make the cut for the first film, but director Tim Miller already has a character we wants to include in the potential Deadpool 2.
deadpool Adam Holmes 2015-08-05
The 7 Coolest Deadpool Trailer Moments That Need To Be Rewatched
Last night on Conan, the Deadpool trailer debuted in its gory glory and all was right with the world. Now, in the harsh light of a morning after walk of shame, we have the opportunity to reflect on exactly what we saw.
deadpool Nick Romano 2015-08-05
The Deadpool Trailer Is Violent And Hysterical, Watch It Now
A few weeks ago, attendees at San Diego Comic-Con got a very special look at one of the most anticipated films of 2016: Tim Miller's Deadpool. The footage was violent, over-the-top, and extremely funny... but 20th Century Fox decided to not release it right away. Thankfully, the forthcoming release of Fantastic Four is changing that story.
deadpool Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-05
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