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The 10 Greatest Female Action Characters Of All-Time, Ranked
Female action characters tend to be a bit more rare. But, there are always the oneís that stick out--female action characters that to this day we still are talking about, the iconic ones that newer action stars are inspired by.
kill bill Catarina Cowden 2015-09-20
Daryl Hannah Really Hates The Film Roles Hollywood Keeps Offering Her
It's difficult for an actress getting older in Hollywood, and Daryl Hannah, for one, is none too pleased with the kinds of roles she's been offered over the last few years.
kill bill Brent McKnight 2015-09-07
Watch Women Beat The Hell Out Of People In This Epic Supercut
Do you like films with strong female leads? Do you like to watch "the fairer sex" prove that theyíre not as fair as society has often portrayed them? Then youíll get a kick out of this supercut tribute to women in prominent action movie rolesÖliterally.
kill bill Nick Romano 2015-01-27
How The Stars Of Kill Bill Got In Such Incredible Shape
The incredible physical shape of stars such as Uma Thurman and Vivica A. Fox did not come without crazy hours and months of intense physical training, dieting, and bruising.
kill bill Catarina Cowden 2014-11-28
Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair May Screen In 2015
Just when you had given up hope that you'd see the long teased Whole Bloody Affair cut of Kill Bill, in comes Quentin Tarantino to give us hope that we will get to see that promised land in the near future. At least, that's what he wants us to think, after all we've heard these words from him before.
kill bill Mike Reyes 2014-07-29
Can You Name These 11 Recognizable Movie Henchmen?
Most of us love villains. Even if we root against them, deep down we canít get enough of their nefarious little schemes and their incessant plotting. Done correctly, they can be the most memorable things about superhero/ gangster/ crime/ high school movies. But itís time we took a step back and realized these sociopaths, murderers, assholes, douche bags, bitches and bloodsuckers donít act alone.
kill bill Mack Rawden 2014-06-25
Watch Every Quentin Tarantino Pop Culture Reference In Five Minutes
It's well known in the movie world that Quentin Tarantino never attended film school. Instead, the writer/director, who is actually a high school dropout, got his education working in a rental store and doing nothing but watching just about every title that the medium has to offer.
kill bill Eric Eisenberg 2013-01-02
Quentin Tarantino Finally Gives Up On Kill Bill 3
Quentin Tarantino is notorious, more than just about any other director, for talking constantly about projects he's never going to make. He's holding out hope for a spinoff about the Vega Brothers. He's got 40 pages of an Inglourious Basterds prequel that he may make some day. And he's been talking for years about making a third installment of Kill Bill
kill bill Katey Rich 2012-12-11
101 Greatest Movie Villains Supercut Celebrates Some Of Cinema's Best Bad Guys
Who are the 101 Greatest Movie Villains? One movie fan came up with their own list, but rather than merely naming them one by one, they put together a supercut of some memorable movie scenes celebrating their choices for the biggest and best baddies from movie history, from Scar to Nosferatu to Chuckie and The Joker. See if your favorites made the cut.
kill bill Kelly West 2012-11-06
New Kill Bill Vol. 1 Images Give A Glimpse Behind The Scenes Of The Crazy 88 Fight
It must have taken writer/director Quentin Tarantino ages to design and shoot the Crazy 88 sequence from Kill Bill Vol. 1, but the end result is worth every minute of his time. Not only is the action brilliant and beautifully shot, the amount of blood and gore in the sequence actually make it quite comical as well, adding a great new dimension. And apparently that humor wasn't lost on the on-set photographer.
kill bill Eric Eisenberg 2012-08-08
Cool 3D Television Ad Takes Unique Angle On Three Classic Movie Posters
I wish we knew who designed the posters, because Iíd love to turn them loose on a Jaws poster that looks down, into the water, at the massive shark which is ascending toward the surface. Or how about a Wizard of Oz poster that looks over the shoulders of Dorothy and her companions to get a unique glimpse of the yellow-brick road.
kill bill Sean O'Connell 2012-04-23
Vivica Fox Hopes To Be A Part Of Kill Bill Volume 3
Quentin Tarantino fans may associate Vivica A. Fox with her role as Vernita Green (a.k.a. Copperhead) in Volume 1 of the excellent vengeance story Kill Bill. Based on her long list of credits, sheís been pretty busy since then and is set to star in a Hallmark Channel movie called Annie Claus is Coming to Town. During an interview to discuss the holiday TV movie, Fox spoke briefly about Kill Bill Volume 3 and offered some interesting, albeit completely hypothetical (from the sound of it) scenarios that might bring her back to the story for the third installment.
kill bill Kelly West 2011-12-08
Script For Tarantino's Southern Finished?
The latest on the project comes from his Kill Bill muse Uma Thurman, who says she knows what Quentin is up to. According to her, not only is A Southern really happening, but the script is finished and Tarantino is ready to start work.
kill bill Josh Tyler 2011-03-28
Uma Thurman Toasts Tarantino By Letting Him Drink Out Of Her Shoe
The Friarís Club hosted Quentin Tarantino this week and, for some reason, unlike their roasts of completely uninteresting people, this one wonít be televised. Itís a shame, in particular, because Uma Thurman
kill bill Josh Tyler 2010-12-01
Tarantino Sued Over Kill Bill Movies
In the ďIím a crazy person and I need some cash so I might as well start suing peopleĒ Ė category of legal suits, Tarantino and company could be headed to court.
kill bill Doug Norrie 2010-03-09
Hannah Says Kill Bill Vol. 3 Is Happening, Elle Driver Involved
I have expressed my opinion regarding new Quentin Tarantino projects multiple times: you simply can't trust a word he says. The man has the worst case of ADD ever seen and has a brain that runs at about 2,000 mph
kill bill Eric Eisenberg 2010-02-03
Miramax Is Gone, Remember The Good Times
Itís a sad day for movie fans. Miramax is officially dead. The Disney owned indie brand has been in trouble for some time now. Truthfully things havenít been right since the companyís founders, Bob and Havey Weinstein
kill bill Josh Tyler 2010-01-28
Kill Bill 3 Won't Be Called Kill Bill 3
Quentin Tarantino has been talking up Kill Bill Volume 3 since the day Kill Bill Volume 2 was released. It makes sense. The series lends itself to the occasional update style of storytelling that Richard Linklater used with Before Sunset and Before Sunrise
kill bill Tim Gomez 2009-11-30
The Decade: Film's 10 Best Music Moments In The Aughts
The Doors and Apocalypse Now. Simon and Garfunkel and The Graduate. Richard Strauss and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Some of the greatest scenes in cinema history would be nothing without their added soundtracks. What if Tarantino
kill bill Eric Eisenberg 2009-11-24
Tarantino Promises Kill Bill Vol. 3
Now that Inglourious Basterds is out of the way and headed for almost inevitable Oscar nominations, Quentin Tarantino is planning his next move. What is it? Kill Bill Vol. 3
kill bill Josh Tyler 2009-10-01
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