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The Amazing Spider-Man Debuts IMAX Midnight Poster
If you've already bought your tickets for the 12:01 a.m. IMAX screening of The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3, it seems safe to assume you're a fan of the webslinger, and don't really need any more incentive to see the movie. And yet, Sony is going to reward you with your loyalty anyway
poster Katey Rich 2012-06-26
Liam Neeson Contemplates His Next Move In Taken 2 Poster
Everyone knows it doesn't take much to sell Taken 2. Really, all it takes is one thing-- Liam Neeson, scowling into the middle distance. It helps if you can add a tagline that promises something about his quest for vengeance, but Neeson's terrifying mug is really all it takes
poster Katey Rich 2012-06-18
The Expendables 2 Poster Explodes Into A Fireball
There may be a lot of action films on their way this summer, but it's unlikely any of them will hold a candle to The Expendables 2, which in all its advertising so far has promised nothing short of the most explosions, punches, quips and aging action stars you've ever seen in a single movie.
poster Katey Rich 2012-06-17
First Poster For Deadfall Starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde And Charlie Hunnam
Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam star in Ruzowitzky's new thriller called Deadfall about the aftermath of a botched casino robbery by sibling criminals Addison and Liza. Forced to flee into the cold Canadian wilderness, the brother and sister stumble across Jay on his way home for Thanksgiving. Happy holidays. Here's the first poster
poster Jesse Carp 2012-06-14
The Dark Knight Rises Unveils A New TV Spot And Two More Banners
If you caught the IMAX preview of The Dark Knight Rises that ran in front of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol last December, or the much-hyped trailer that debuted not long after, then the latest TV spot for the movie is going to look a little familiar
poster Katey Rich 2012-05-28
New Poster For The Dictator Takes Over Central Park
With all the hype surrounding the big, effects-heavy blockbusters of the coming summer season, Sacha Baron Cohen's comparatively low-key comedy The Dictator is flying a bit more under the radar. It seems like we haven't heard a peep out of his new character, Admiral General Aladeen
poster Katey Rich 2012-04-18
Wreck-It Ralph Teaser Poster Is Pixellated And Yelling
It sounds in some ways like the classic Disney formula-- character sets out in the world to discover something about himself-- but the video game twist ought to offer a lot of opportunities for both in-jokes and more straightforward visual humor. If I know anything about Disney, and especially their recent run of really stellar animated films
poster Katey Rich 2012-04-16
Cabin In The Woods Mondo Poster Reveals The Right Kind Of Twists
To celebrate one of the most innovative and entertaining horror films in years, Mondo has created a poster for a new film, releasing a new design today for Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods. The poster is already sold out, in true Mondo form, but it's still worth taking a look at below
poster Katey Rich 2012-04-06
Wrath Of The Titans Character Poster Puts Ares On The Warpath
What the hell is going on in this image? I have no idea-- despite a handful of trailers thus far, I'm still pretty unclear on the plot of Wrath of the Titans, beyond the fact that it involves Sam Worthington's Perseus jumping into battle again. But this movie is looking silly in the good way
poster Katey Rich 2012-03-15
First Poster For Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Is Painted And Gorgeous
I might be a little biased, seeing as I'm already very much looking forward to the new film from Wes Anderson, but this poster for Moonrise Kingdom is heart-burstingly beautiful. Yes it's twee and overproduced and a little goofy, but that's Wes Anderson for you, and if you like his previous work this poster is right in that ballpark
poster Katey Rich 2012-03-08
Exclusive Poster Premiere: Sleepless Night
If you find yourself wondering why they don't make movies like Die Hard anymore, you might want to start looking abroad for your action fix. While American movies tend to stuff their action scenes with CGI creatures and superheroes, a lot of foreign films are getting down to the bare-bones action, whether it's the martial arts of upcoming Indonesian action film The Raid or the pulsing, mano-e-mano skirmishes that make up Sleepless Night
poster Katey Rich 2012-03-08
The Rock Stands Tall In G.I. Joe: Retaliation Teaser Poster
Clearly The Rock is a man who knows his best angles and poses, and who realizes how much he can dominate a photo just by standing in a way that says, "Yeah, I know. I'm intimidating. Deal with it.' It's not just this poster that's emphasizing The Rock's role here above just about anything else
poster Katey Rich 2012-02-29
We Need To Talk About Kevin Gets An Odd New Poster
The new Lynne Ramsay film, We Need To Talk About Kevin, has been generating a lot of heat this awards season which means really positive buzz for the film that comes out in just over a week. Too bad the marketing campaign just released this awful throwback poster. Okay, awful may be a bit strong but the new one-sheet for the intense drama is at the very least misleading.
poster Jesse Carp 2012-01-18
Spanish John Carter Poster Introduces More Martian Creatures
John Carter may not be the most heavily publicized or anticipated film of 2012, but if our hunches are correct, it might turn out to be one of the best. As crazy as this outer space adventure looks, it doesn't take much knowledge to predict John Carter will be good
poster Katey Rich 2012-01-11
Men In Black 3 Gets Two New Posters, Launches Viral Site
It's kind of hard to get really excited for Men in Black III. In addition to the fact that Men in Black II was a pretty lousy movie, the production on the third installment was rife with problems. What I mean by that was that the entire production was brought to a grinding halt and put on hiatus when they discovered that the script didn't work and they had to bring in new writers to right the ship.
poster Eric Eisenberg 2011-11-29
John Carter Gets A Brand New Poster
As we reported on Friday, the new trailer for Disney's John Carter is scheduled to arrive online this Thursday. Last week the news brought six new stills from the film, which showed off the stunning landscapes, alien creatures, and star Taylor Kitsch. But just as I predicted, the marketing is only starting to ramp up and today we have a brand new poster, courtesy of iTunes.
poster Eric Eisenberg 2011-11-28
UPDATED! The Expendables 2 Poster: A Christmas Tree Of Badasses
Everyone in the poster seems to have been Photoshop-buffed to a high sheen, including Jason Statham and Terry Crews, who are really pretty young compared to the rest of the crowd. There's also a strange switcheroo between the credits at the top, which list the absent Liam Hemsworth, Jet Li and Randy Couture
poster Katey Rich 2011-11-18
New Poster For Roman Polanski's Carnage Is Surprisingly Lazy
The French poster for Roman Polanski's Carnage was absolutely fantastic. Made to look like an Andy Warhol painting, the one-sheet had the four principal actors looking happy on the left side of the poster, looking disgruntled in the middle, and looking furious on the right. It was perfect for a movie about a group of adults that start off being civil towards each other and slowly become more and more enraged.
poster Eric Eisenberg 2011-11-09
Elegant Poster For We Need To Talk About Kevin Arrives Online
Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May and making stops in other major fests like Telluride and Toronto, the film has already garnered an incredible amount of buzz, particularly for the performance by Swinton. There's still some time before the film comes out - it goes into limited release on December 9th and expands on January 27th next year - but today brings a brand new poster for the movie.
poster Eric Eisenberg 2011-10-26
First Poster For ParaNorman, From The Company That Brought You Coraline
From the moment I walked out of Henry Selick's Coraline in early 2009 I began anticipating the next movie from Laika Entertainment. Selick's film was not only thrilling and creepy, but was absolutely beautiful (and one of the best pre-Avatar examples of amazing 3D). Hence my anticipation for ParaNorman.
poster Eric Eisenberg 2011-10-25
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