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How Many More Wolverine Movies? Hugh Jackman Just Told Us
Last we heard from Hugh Jackman, he made it fairly clear he did not want to give up his signature role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. But, looks like Jackman may be letting go of his adamantium claws a little sooner than we had previously thought.
wolverine Catarina Cowden 2015-03-28
10 Current Superheroes Or Supervillains That Need To Be Recast
Superhero movies immune to a common problem that has plagued many franchises: recasting. With that in mind, here are the main superheroes and super villains that will need to be recasted soon for future appearances for a variety of reasons.
wolverine Adam Holmes 2015-03-03
The Deadpool Movie May Feature One Of The More Popular X-Men
Will Hugh Jackman ever hang up his adamantium claws? The latest word from the actor himself is that he would be totally down to join Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool movie.
wolverine Nick Romano 2015-03-02
How Long Hugh Jackman Plans To Play Wolverine
In a recent interview, Hugh Jackman discusses Wolverine’s place in his life and how the Oscars-dominating film, Birdman has come to shape his view of how long he wants to hold on to the character.
wolverine Joseph Baxter 2015-02-24
Wolverine 3 Probably Won't Take Place In An X-Men Time That We've Already Seen
We’re still a long way out from seeing the third Wolverine movie, but that hasn’t stopped any of us from trying to unearth what secrets we can from its star Hugh Jackman. While we squeezed a couple of lines from the actor during the press junket for his new movie Chappie, MTV’s Josh Horowitz was able to do the same.
wolverine Nick Romano 2015-02-16
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Almost Featured A Younger Wolverine
There's no arguing, with the franchise dating back almost a decade and a half now, that the X-Men are getting older. With that in mind, check out what Matthew Vaughn had to say about potentially replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine had he directed 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.
wolverine William Fanelli 2015-02-15
Watch Hugh Jackman React To The Marvel Spider-Man News
By now everyone has heard the exciting news of Spider-Man and Marvel being reunited, that left some of us with our heads spinning. Looks like we superhero fans weren't the only ones who had our minds blown by the big news, however, as this recent clip of Hugh Jackman proves he too was actually quite surprised.
wolverine William Fanelli 2015-02-11
Will Wolverine Team Up With Professor X? Hugh Jackman Told Us This
News broke the other day from the mouth of Patrick Stewart himself that he was in talks to join up with Hugh Jackman in the next Wolverine movie. (The Wolverine 2? Wolverine 3? Whatever you call it. It looks like the plan is to feature Professor Xavier in the sequel to James Mangold’s film in some way. We caught up with Jackman on Tuesday to get his comment on the situation, and, as expected, he skirted around the topic.
wolverine Nick Romano 2015-02-10
10 Big Superhero Questions We'll Get Answers To In 2015
Even though 2015 doesn’t have as many comic book movies coming out, there’s still plenty of exciting news and revelations that will come out. Check out the superhero movie questions that we think will be answered over the next 12 months.
wolverine Adam Holmes 2014-12-31
Wolverine In X-Men: Apocalypse? Get The Latest Update
The bigger question entails whether we need a new Wolverine to factor into X-Men: Apocalypse, and whether the role should be recast. Bryan Singer has revealed that his plot will take place in the 1980s (much like Days took place in the ‘70s), and if they are going after younger versions of Storm and Cyclops, then shouldn’t Logan be younger, as well?
wolverine Sean O'Connell 2014-12-16
Watch Wolverine Dance To Beyonce's Single Ladies In This Epic Halloween Footage
Those who have been paying attention over the years know, though, that dancing is in Wolverine’s blood. Don’t you recall when Hugh Jackman – Hollywood’s on-screen Logan – busted out the claws to dance “Gangnam Style” with Psy?
wolverine Sean O'Connell 2014-11-03
The Two Superheroes Keanu Reeves Desperately Wants To Play
Keanu Reeves has gotten to play a variety of roles over the years, but one type of character he’s never been able to sink his teeth into is a superhero. Unfortunately for him, the two superheroes he’s expressed interest in playing also happen to be the ones who won’t be free anytime soon.
wolverine Adam Holmes 2014-10-22
Wait, Why Are Wolverine And Storm Making Out In This X-Men Footage?
Another deleted scene from X-Men: Days Of Future Past has been released just a few days before its DVD and Blu-Ray hits the shelves. And this one is a belter too, because it sees two of the mutant posse’s most beloved characters, Storm and Wolverine, share a kiss before Logan travels to the past to try and stop the Sentinels from ever being created. For devoted readers of the comic it’s a real tearjerker, because hoards of fans have always longed to the see the duo get together.
wolverine Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-06
3 Huge Ways The End of X-Men: Days Of Future Past Affects Future X-Men Movies
We've decided to delve into the three worlds of the X-Men and discuss where they've left off following the events of Days Of Future Past. To be honest, there's a whole lot of questions hanging in the air, and we don't want to have to wait until 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse to answer them all.
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-05-26
Monday Movie Memo: It's Time For Hugh Jackman To Hang Up Wolverine's Claws
It's time for him to walk away from the role that helped put him on the map, and I'll explain why in this week's Monday Movie Memo. Watch the video
wolverine Sean O'Connell 2014-05-26
5 More Fox Franchises That Could Use A Wolverine Appearance
But whatever the case, Fox is going to thrive on Jackman as Wolverine seemingly forever, so why not use him to boost other Fox franchises? And so we ask, which other Fox franchises deserve a little bit of Wolverine themselves?
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-05-15
Could Wolverine Pop His Claws In X-Men: Apocalypse?
X-Men: Apocalypse would primarily focus on the First Class gang and be set in the 80's, the early claim announced. But it would also be a fairly epic film, and you can't do epic without Wolverine, can you? It seems like Apocalypse would be prepping the world for an X-film without Wolverine (the character has appeared in seven X-movies thus far), but we might not be done with Jackman yet.
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-05-12
Bob Hoskins Was X-Men Comic Writer's First Choice For Wolverine
Long before Bryan Singer rounded up Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and company for 2000's X-Men, Claremont was dreaming of his ideal X-Men movie, wherein Bob Hoskins would be his Wolverine.
wolverine Kristy Puchko 2014-05-01
Hugh Jackman Still Isn't Signed For That Third Wolverine Movie
There were some theories that Wolverine could lead whatever mystery Marvel project the studio has lined up for 2018, but that seems slightly in doubt. The Les Miserables star will be 49 years old in 2018 anyway, and it's a bit difficult to keep playing “ageless” when you're pushing fifty.
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-04-30
Superhero State Of The Union: Are These Franchises Too Big To Fail?
The coming years have a full 10 (!) more superhero films scheduled for release, with countless others to follow, just waiting for a schedule space to clear up. But what happens if these films don't work? What happens if the fans don't want to see certain characters again and again?
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-04-15
Hugh Jackman Mashes Up Les Mis And X-Men For Wolverine The Musical
For years Hugh Jackman has managed an incredible career where he balances playing one of comic book movie's surliest heroes with rousing musical performances on stage and screen. Now, the star of The Wolverine and Les Miserables combines two of his greatest roles for our amusement.
wolverine Kristy Puchko 2014-03-31
The Wolverine Sequel Reportedly Coming After X-Men: Apocalypse
Of course maybe Mangold is wondering what we all are: where does Days Of Future Past leave Wolverine? The Wolverine seems to occur in modern day, but the events of Days Of Future Past make Magneto and Professor X confront him in the post-credits sequence of The Wolverine, which is billed as “two years later.”
wolverine Gabe Toro 2014-03-17
X-Men: Days Of Future Past - What We Know So Far
We have to dig deep into Days of Future Past. We have roughly 100 moving parts to organize as we get ready for the sequel’s May 26 release date. Here’s everything you need to know about X-Men: Days of Future Past.
wolverine Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-14
Wolverine Shows Off New Costume In X-Men Days Of Future Past Image
I’m a selfish Wolverine fan. Despite all the great work Jackman has done in the X-Men movies, I’m not going to be happy until I see Wolverine in a mask, in a classic suit. Will it happen before the actor hangs up his claws? We shall see.
wolverine Sean O'Connell 2013-12-16
Hugh Jackman Unsure He'll Be Back As Wolverine In Future Mutant Movies
As Jackman himself says, this is “a way off.” Jackman seems to actively enjoy playing Wolverine, and fans still love him in the role. Fox has big plans for the mutant franchise, and this hero in particular. Will Jackman be part of the solution? Right now, it sounds up in the air.
wolverine Sean O'Connell 2013-12-06
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