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The Grudge Director's Delayed Supernatural Plane Horror 7500 May Finally Arrive In October

7500 stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart (Columbus Circle) play a married couple on board a night flight from Los Angeles to Toyko on the titular flight number. Only they might not make it to their destination, as the plane soon becomes a hotbed of ghostly activity.

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Percy Jackson Sequel Moves Up The Calendar While 7500 Disappears

What else moved around the slate? Well, Louis Leterrier’s crime thriller Now You See Me -- about illusionists who use their skills to pull off bank heists – shifted from January 2013 to a more-coveted March 15, 2013 release date. Seth Rogen’s The Guilt Trip, with Barbara Streisand, moved from Nov. 2 to Christmas Day 2012

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7500 Teaser Trailer Promises Terror In The Skies

That slow-tempo rendition of John Denver’s usually sunny “Leaving On a Jet Plane” is haunting. Who sings that? It really helps set the ominous mood as passengers board what might be a haunted flight. Shimizu is best known for his Grudge films, and 7500 features many of the same jump-cut horror edits that are geared toward jolting audiences out of our chairs

7500 First Look Photo Has Ryan Kwanten Looking Scared

We've seen movies use planes as the setting for scary scenarios before. Snakes on a Plane is a relatively recent example of horror on a plane (and a demonstration of the kind of mess a bunch of worked-up snakes can make to the interior of an aircraft). Later this year, 7500 will deliver it's own kind of horrific plane scenario.

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